Foaming Baby Wash (Easy DIY Recipe)

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Homemade baby wash recipe

There’s nothing cuter or sweeter smelling than a baby fresh out of the bath! Unfortunately, those sweet-smelling conventional baby washes can strip away babies’ natural protective oils, and many contain undesirable ingredients (especially the mot popular brands).

Thankfully there are some great natural baby wash brands, but they can be expensive.

This foaming baby wash is less expensive than storebought, easy to make, completely nontoxic, and (I think) smells just as sweet as any conventional baby brand.

When Baby Wash May Be Necessary

Dirt is great for the immune system, especially for kids and babies, so I don’t give my little ones a bath every day. When I do I often just use a microfiber cloth. But sometimes I need to call in the big guns, especially with the babies. Diaper blowouts, upset tummies, or peas smashed into their hair … you know the drill!

When it is necessary to bathe, help keep baby’s skin microbiome healthy by using gentle products and maybe only washing those areas that really need it. (Yes, it’s really ok to skip the rest!)

A Note on Essential Oil Safety with Babies

Certain essential oils are safe to use on babies that are 3 months or older. While adults typically use a 1-5% dilution for skincare, a general .25% dilution is recommended for this young age.

Ultimately it depends on the essential oil and what it’s being used for, but for simplicity and safety, the recipes below are using the .25% recommendation.

If this foaming baby wash is going to be used on an infant younger than 3 months, omit the essential oils and use just the hydrosols used instead. Hydrosols are basically just aromatic water made from flowers and herbs and don’t have the same potent effects as essential oils.

Best Hydrosols for Baby Wash

Here are some favorite options to use, both for natural fragrance and calming benefits:

It may seem strange to think that babies could be stressed, but it’s not unusual for them to feel the effects of overstimulation. Bath time is a great opportunity to give them a gentle break from play (or in our house, rambunctious siblings!).

Any of these hydrosols can be interchanged in the recipes below. This will change the effects and the benefits, but any will work.

The Recipes

Variation #1: Gentle Foaming Baby Wash

Variation #2: Calming Bedtime Baby Wash


  1. In the soap dispenser combine the glycerin, castile soap, and essential oils (if using). Swirl the contents around until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Add the hydrosol until the mixture is 1-2 inches from the top. Cap and shake gently to combine.

What are your favorite natural baby products? Will you try one of these baby wash recipes?


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