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Using Health Tracking to Discover Your Own Personalized Medicine

I’m no stranger to being my own health detective, but it’s always amazing to realize a missing piece of the puzzle might be a simple one. Have you ever thought about the power of health tracking?

I’m not just talking about wearing a Fitbit, either. I’m talking about food-mood-poop tracking.

Yep! This episode is going there.

Andrea Nakayama, Partner in Health

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Andrea Nakayama. Andrea’s become a big deal in the world of functional medicine, as a nutritionist who can help chronically ill people get better when no one else can. Her clinical skills have won her the attention of many world-renowned doctors who consult with her on their own difficult cases.

More than that, Andrea trains a thousand practitioners every year in how to have the clinical success she’s had. She’s training an army of change-makers in the field of healthcare.

Her story is tragic and inspiring all at once. (You’ll see why.)

Is Health Tracking the Missing Key to Self-Care?

Andrea’s functional medicine practice (which is both in-person and virtual) helps people tune in and take charge of their own health on a deeper level. Unlike conventional medicine that starts with solving symptoms, Andrea recommends digging deep into the complex layers of habits, lifestyle, and genetics that may be paving the way for health dysfunction.

This is where health tracking is essential. Take a listen to find out why … and how … you can be your own best health advocate.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the heartbreaking personal loss that led Andrea to her new life mission
  • one of the best descriptions I’ve heard of what “functional medicine” really is
  • what Andrea calls “non-negotiables” for good health … and how to discover your own
  • why poop is one of the best diagnostic tools, and what yours could tell you about your health
  • the surprising reason why health-conscious people are not immune to nutrient deficiency
  • what you can learn about your health by tracking your monthly cycle
  • Andrea’s “Yes, And” philosophy when it comes to assessing the best treatment options
  • something to look for when choosing a doctor (what it is might surprise you)
  • what to remove from your diet for good thyroid health
  • health trackers you can use to create your own personalized health plan
  • why testing your blood sugar at home is a good idea even if you aren’t diabetic
  • the best supplement and labs trackers you can use, and why this habit is so transforming
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Replenish PDX

Holistic Nutrition Lab

Free gift! Download Andrea’s “Food Mood Poop Challenge” e-book. This e-book is an amazing guide that takes the guesswork out of tuning in and taking charge of your own body.

Other Helpful Links

What to do with your “Food Mood Poop” data once you’ve tracked it

Andrea’s Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Article: Blood Sugar

Other Trackers to Try

Blood Sugar Monitor (and Strips)

Natural Family Planning/Fertility Trackers

Have you ever tried health tracking? What worked for you, and did it make a difference in your health? Please share!

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