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Here’s a list of my favourite roles in the Werewolf Game series:

(Minion/Renfield/Tanner/Synthetic Alien)

The Suicide bomber roles are the best roles to work with and a must-include in every game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

1a. Tanner/Synthetic Alien Roles

Both these roles are trying to get themselves killed.

There’s very little pressure in this role.

You can be shifty and it doesn’t really matter.

The aim of the game is to behave like a Werewolf/Alien, not someone who’s trying to kill themselves.

It’s a great way to play around with different strategies and go with whatever happens.

1b. Minion/Renfield Roles

The Minion/Renfield protects the shifty guys (Werewolf/Vampires) at all cost, even if it means they get killed.

I understand these roles as being ‘casual suicide bomber’ roles.

It doesn’t matter if they kill themselves or not, as long as an innocent villager dies, they’re happy.

This is one of my favourite villager roles because you have more power than everyone else in terms of information.

You get to see two cards in the centre so you know more than everyone else.

This gives you the opportunity to see if another player claims to be a role in the centre, which card the Drunk has swapped their card with and whether anyone with a shifty role (Tanner, Minion etc) is lying.

The Witch role seems innocent but it isn’t.

The Witch gets to see a card in the centre and can swap that card with another player’s card.

The Witch can even swap the card in the centre with herself so the Witch can be more devious than they can let on.

If the Witch sees a Werewolf card, they can switch their own Witch card with the Werewolf card and claim that the Werewolf card was switched with someone else.

The Seer may even verify that there was a Werewolf card in the centre.

I love this role because it creates enough chaos to be interesting.

The Cursed is a very interesting role with very low pressure if you want.

You can play like a normal villager or you can play like a Werewolf and try to get Werewolves to vote for you.

This is a great role to get because whilst officially you’re on the Village team, you can win either way.

We generally add the Revealer to the deck in every game, especially with a big group.

The revealer gets to flip one card face up unless it’s a Tanner or a Werewolf.

Either way, the Werewolf team can claim to be the Revealer and fight to be believed.

If the true Revealer happens to see a Tanner or Werewolf and point them out straight away, the true Tanner/Werewolf can claim they’re lying.

I love this role because you can get personal if you want.

Place the ‘Mark of the Assassin’ on the person you hate (or your wife/husband) and try to get them killed.

Maybe it’s even someone who got you killed in the previous round.

Whatever the reason, this is one of the few cards you can seek revenge on in this game and it’s almost always awesome!

The Squire is essentially a better Minion because he knows whether the Werewolves are still Werewolves.

If the Werewolf cards have been moved, he can try to figure out where it’s gone and also keep the original Werewolves from finding out that they might be a Villager now.

The Squire has a lot of work to do in the game and has to think one step ahead of everyone else if he is to succeed.

The Copycat looks at the centre card and becomes that role instantly.

There’s a lot of hidden power in the Copycat.

If for example you become a shifty role, you can tell everyone you were a Copycat and that you’re holding off on saying which role you are now to act like a Seer, who will catch someone out if they’re trying to lie about their role.

Then you wait until everyone has said their role and you declare the role that hasn’t been taken.

This is a fantastic role because you know who the Aliens are as a villager – that never happens!

Except that you cannot say that you are the leader because all aliens will vote for you and win.

So the tricky thing is to allude to and get everyone to kill an Alien without sounding too sure and knowing.

This is a delicate role with a lot to think about but you can win for sure if you do your job well.

The Alien cards has a lot of Alien and you would think that villagers won’t be able to win, except when you play with Zerb/Groob who hate each other, the dynamic evens up again.

When all Aliens see each other in the beginning, your role is to figure out who the enemy is.

So you have to try to stay alive and find out where Zerb/Groob are.

These are difficult roles to play and intensely satisfying if you win.

Much like the Seer role, the Empath knows a lot as a villager and can make it difficult for the werewolf team to claim roles.

This is a great role to sit back and watch what others say. So much fun!


These are my favourite.

You can check out all 62 Roles and what they do here

Do you agree with my picks or are there others that are better? Reply below and let me know!


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