Vaccines, Circumcision, CBD: Wellness Mama AMA

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Your Questions Answered on Circumcision, Vaccines, CBD & More

Today’s podcast is the 100th episode of The Healthy Moms Podcast! We’ll be doing things a little differently to mark the occasion … it’s your turn to interview me! I’ll even dive into the topic of vaccines, which I’ve never talked about on the blog before but am asked about often.

First, a little recap of the best episodes (I think) since the podcast began …

My Favorite Healthy Moms Podcasts (So Far!)

It’s nearly impossible to choose “favorites” from the long list of interviews I’ve had with amazing health experts from all around the globe. That being said, here are some can’t-miss interviews from the past 99 episodes:

  • Episode 60: Dr. Cate Shanahan on deep nutrition
  • Episode 90: Dr. Kelly Brogan on hormones, anxiety, depression, and the connection between them
  • Episode 92: Dr. Elisa Song (my kids’ pediatrician) on a balanced but holistic approach to kids’ health
  • Episode 77: Joshua Becker on minimalism (I love his family-friendly take on the topic.)
  • Episodes 42, 43, 44, 45, and 74: Dr. Izabella Wentz, the expert on thyroid issues
  • And my personal favorites, my saunacasts with Heather of Mommypotamus (episodes 59 and 69)

You Ask, I Answer … Even About Vaccines!

I asked all of you to send in any questions you might have for me, and you sent me some great ones. In this anniversary podcast conversation I’ll answer some of the topics that came up the most.

First, the Disclaimer

I always say .. I’m not a doctor, I’m just a mom sharing what I learn about health along the way. Please don’t take what I say as medical advice, ever! And certainly don’t take my opinion (or anyone else’s opinion for that matter) at face value… do your own research! That’s just a good philosophy for life in general.

I encourage you to dig in to the research and decide what’s best for your family, because it may not be the same as what’s good for mine. There’s just no getting around the fact that a lot of health topics are controversial and the science can be debated. I always welcome respectful dialogue here on the Wellness Mama blog (keyword: respectful!) because that way we all can learn from each other.

Now that that’s out of the way … on to the interview!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

Some Personal Things About Me

  • what I’m doing this summer with the family
  • the question I get the most—”How do you do it all?”—and my answer!
  • where I’m at in the process of managing Hashimoto’s disease
  • news about some very exciting gut health testing I’m getting done a company called Viome
  • my true thoughts about doctors who practice conventional medicine
  • how (and when) I wean my babies
  • my opinion on the “What the Health” documentary that’s blowing up Netflix
  • little tips I’ve picked up along the way about sleuthing health headlines and separating good science from hype
  • the “warrior gene” that defines my family (for better or worse!)
  • whether or not I’m eating all of my recipes on the Bright Line diet
  • what I take for natural sun protection
  • one controversial topic I never shy away from: the research and my thoughts on circumcision
  • what areas of research I’m working on bringing to the blog (and my next book)

Answers to Health Topics You’re Wondering About

  • cannabidiol (CBD) and related products – could they actually be a good idea?
  • endometriosis – can it be healed naturally?
  • eating meat – can it really be good for you?
  • fish oil – which supplements to take
  • undereye bags and wrinkles – is there anything that can be done?
  • sleep – my best tips for how to get it
  • gelatin – how to work more into your diet
  • natural formula – is there a good storebought option?

Vaccines: My Two Cents

I’ve steered away from this and other emotionally charged issues on the blog because I sincerely want this to be a respectful and pleasant place for all of us. But vaccines are a huge part of what we as moms wrestle with and are definitely worthy of discussion.

In this episode, I’m finally speaking out with my take on:

  • what I considered before deciding about vaccines for my family
  • my thoughts on the chickenpox vaccine
  • why the questions being asking about vaccines might not be the right questions

P.S. Thank you!

I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for listening, sharing, and working with me to find ways to better health for us and for the next generation. It means a lot that you would take time to hang out with me here each week!

What do you think about these topics? Are there any questions I missed? Let me know what you’d like to hear about in the next 100 episodes!


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