PCOS and Endometriosis: Root Causes and How to Heal

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Uncovering the Root Causes of PCOS & Endometriosis (And How to Fix Them)

Pharmacist turned naturopathic doctor Brooke Kalanick uses the best of both natural and conventional methods to help women with PCOS, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, perimenopause, menopause, and other female hormone imbalances.

I love that Dr. Brooke helps women all over the globe find the root cause of these troubling conditions. Her practice takes a holistic approach to reset hormones, heads, and habits so women can finally feel at home in their bodies.

What a great (and much needed!) mission.

Dr. Brooke Kalanick on Ways to Manage PCOS

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, happens when multiple follicles on the ovaries are working abnormally. Symptoms can vary and range from severe to vague, which can make PCOS difficult to diagnose. If you have one or more symptoms like an irregular or missing cycle, infertility, fatigue, elevated blood sugar, mood swings, acne, and/or excess facial hair, you may want to consider whether PCOS is at the bottom of it.

Conventional treatment often consists of long-term use of the birth control pill, but Brooke shares other more holistic options that actually get to the root cause and eliminate symptoms (rather than just masking them).

Dr. Brooke makes such complex issues really understandable. Here are just some of the topics we dive into!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the problems with diagnosing PCOS (which means many have it without knowing it)
  • common symptoms to look for to know if you have it
  • how cortisol and thyroid hormones have a direct impact on PCOS and endometrosis
  • how to address endometriosis naturally
  • a great explanation of insulin resistance, and why Dr. Brooke’s PCOS protocol starts with managing this
  • the inflammation connection to PCOS and other hormone problems
  • problems with using the conventional approach of using birth control pills to remedy PCOS
  • what your carb intake has to do with hormones
  • the most important thing for a woman with PCOS to do when it comes to food
  • ways to address the weight gain from hormone imbalance
  • exercise do and don’ts for hormone balance, and why the answer varies
  • the two groups for PCOS sufferers, and how to know which group you fall in
  • why to ramp up omega-3s to fight hormone imbalance
  • the unusual reason to avoid animal fat if you have PCOS
  • Dr. Brooke’s quick start diet and supplement protocol for tackling hormone issues
  • how PCOS or endometriosis impacts the transition to menopause
  • why women’s hormones are a moving target … and how to keep up!
  • life after PCOS: is there really a cure?
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Dr. Brooke’s Hormone Quiz (with Free Resources for Healing)

Dr. Brooke’s Podcast: Better Every Day (with Sarah Fragoso)

WM Article: Why You Should Never Eat Vegetable Oil or Margarine

Recommended Supplements

Alpha lipoic acid
Flax seed
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Do these symptoms sound familiar? Do you suspect or have you been diagnosed with PCOS or other hormone imbalance? What would you ask Dr. Brooke? Please share in the comments!


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