3 Common Herbs That Can Cure Mouth Odor

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Can herbs cure mouth odour?   Yea it is possible after trying so many dental treatments with different toothpaste, antibiotics, toothbrushes etc. I came to a conclusion that is possible.

Mouth Odour is a disease of the mouth cause by some micro-organism or germs in the mouth but at times it can be genetically induced. I have read many ways people can get rid of these diseases but some still claim that their mouth still smells after many injections, drugs, therapy and many more.
But there are natural plants that are very active when it comes to killing of the bacteria or germs that makes the mouth smells. Such plants only need to be chewed, spit away and that is all. It may not be too convenient because so many people are used to toothpaste and toothbrush not knowing the fact that some are prepared from plants too.
Some of the plants that can cure mouth odor naturally includes;
1. Bitter Leaf stem: Bitter leaf is a common plant found in abundance in West Africa especially Nigeria where it is popular called Ewuro. Bitter leaf is edible but taste bitter where its used to prepare bitter leaf soup and its been very active to cure so many ailments in the body. Bitter leaf is used in some part of West Africa treat mouth odour and this is done by cutting the stem of the leaf and chewing it
 2. Miswak: Miswak is a popular tree used in West Africa as chewing stick. It may be bitter but the medicinal value is what the people in Africa preferred and they see it as a possible replacement for toothpaste and toothbrush. But too be candid, Miswak is also very good for people with mouth odour and its been named as one of the required plant that helps cure mouth odour.

3. Cashew Tree: The cashew fruits has lot of medicinal values to the body as well as the stem too. If anyone has a mouth odour, such person should cut the bark of the tree and chew, wash mouth and with time, the bacteria causing the mouth odor will vanish.
Other trees that are used to as chewing stick to brush the mouth and also used to cure mouth odor includes;
  •  Cinnamon tree
  •  Gum Tree
  •  Lime tree
  •  Olive tree
  •  Walnut tree
  •  Orange tree
  •  Dogwood tree
Despite the fact that these tress are used as chewing sticks, they can also be used to cure mouth odor naturally. Thanks for reading

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