9 Subtle Signs That Your Relationship Isn’t Built To Last

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You are probably familiar with all of the initial thrill and excitement that takes place at the beginning of a new relationship. You fall in love with someone and then suddenly, the world around you just seems to come to a stop. Everything else is going in slow motion and you feel like the entire universe is revolving around your relationship. You get the feeling that the person you’re in a relationship with is the only thing that matters in this life.

This person sweeps you off your feet and you feel like you’re suspended in some kind of free fall that has no end. Your heart is racing and your spirits are soaring. The butterflies in your stomach are lifting you higher and higher into the sky. It’s amazing. You honestly think to yourself that this is the best feeling you have ever experienced throughout your life.

But then, the honeymoon phase in your relationship starts to fade away. You start to discover that there are some very real issues that you and your partner are going to have to face in your love together. You begin to see some of the red flags in your relationship and they are really starting to concern you. Sometimes, these red flags can get so overwhelming to the point that you question the entirety of your relationship.

You always want to be thinking about whether the relationship that you’re in is the right one for you or not. If you feel like it is then you really need to fight like hell to make it work for you. But if you know that this relationship is essentially beyond saving, then you need to muster up the bravery and courage to walk away from it. It’s all a matter of determining whether your relationship has a shot at making it or not. And if you notice that a lot of the signs listed here apply to your love, then it’s likely that your relationship just isn’t built to last. But be very careful; a lot of these signs are very subtle and they might slip your attention if you’re not being vigilant.

1. You are physically intimate but you lack emotional intimacy.

Sometimes, a bulk of what makes up young relationships is physical attraction and intimacy. However, as the relationship continues to get deeper, that physical intimacy will start to fade and be left with nothing else to work with.

2. You don’t really talk about a future together.

You know that your relationship is doomed if you don’t really talk about the future of your romance. You need to know where you are going in order for you to be sure about the longevity of your love.

3. You don’t stay honest with one another.

There can be no real trust in a relationship when there is no honesty. And there can be no love between two people when there is no trust. You must always make it a point to stay honest with each other if you’re going to maintain your trust.

4. You walk away from arguments.

You should NEVER walk away from fights or arguments in a relationship. The strongest couples are never afraid to have difficult conversations and discussions because these are essential in tackling the issues of the relationship in a mature and direct manner.

5. You don’t make an effort to understand one another.

No relationship is ever going to work if it will feel like its two participants don’t really make an effort to understand one another. Without patience and understanding, then two people are never going to find themselves on the same page.

6. You merely feel obligated to stay in a relationship together.

You should never stay in a relationship out of mere “obligation” at all. You always have to WANT to be in your relationship if your love is real. If you’re staying in a relationship because you feel obligated to, then your feelings aren’t for real.

7. You don’t feel like you get a say in the relationship at all.

You know that things are bad in your relationship if your partner never gives validation to your thoughts, feelings, or opinions. You always want someone who is going to take you seriously; someone who finds value in what you have to say.

8. You don’t have a sense of reliability or consistency in your relationship.

You must always make it a  point to maintain a sense of reliability and consistency in your relationship. You might think that it’s boring to have structure and order in your romance. But it’s essential for making a love last.

9. You don’t maintain independence and individuality in the relationship.

Just because you fall in love and get into a relationship doesn’t mean that you should be codependent with one another. That’s going to breed a lot of toxicity and pressure in your relationship. You still want to make sure that you pursue your individual passions and interests.

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