Lemon is an extremely versatile fruit that has immense beauty benefits with natural results hence no side effects.

It can be used in different ways to tackle skin issues especially discolorations, black/dark spots, to lighten and so on without side effects except a case where the areas become highly sensitive to sun -in which case when using lemon or its juice for treatment, one should stay away from the sun!

Lemon and its juice is rich in Vitamin C/antioxidants and gives fast results when used topically. It also works well to lighten/brighten the skin (because it has Vitamin C) which keeps the skin smooth, youthful and noticeably brighter.

Pimples and other skin blemishes can be gotten rid of with fresh lemon, there’s a fast way to use it for soft and noticeably clearer skin:

1. Squeeze out lemon juice from fresh lemon

2. Soak cotton balls in the fresh juice and apply all over the face at night

3. Leave it on the face overnight

4. Wash the face with lukewarm water in the morning and use moisturizer as usual

If lemon juice is too strong on the skin, add a little water to dilute before using.

NOTE: If there are harsh reactions to this, discontinue use immediately