3 Real Reasons Why You Might Be Taken For Granted

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It’s always rough whenever you feel like you are being taken for granted by someone you are supposedly in a loving relationship with. But this is something that happens way too often with so many people. It really is one of the more common social problems that people encounter these days. You might have found yourself to be caught in situations that made you feel abused, used, and taken for granted.

Perhaps you felt this way in your casual friendships, in work relationships, familial relationships, and even romantic relationships. Feeling this way is a fairly common phenomenon. However, that doesn’t mean that this is something that you should just be taking lately. If you find that you are often being taken for granted by the people around you, it could be a sign that there’s something that needs fixing within your own life.

If you feel like you are constantly being taken advantage of by other people, it might be a sign that there’s something wrong with the way that you conduct yourself in the presence of others. And if you don’t address it, it might end up becoming a permanent state of mind. You risk in constantly ending up in relationships wherein you are being taken for granted regardless of what you do. And it can be very hard to break away from this cycle once you’re in it really deeply.

One of the keys to getting over this kind of situation is understanding why you are in it in the first place. If you want o get to the bottom of things but don’t exactly know where to start, then this article is the one for you. It’s very important that you gain a more profound understanding of why you are constantly finding yourself in these kinds of situations, to begin with.

1. You put too much of yourself into your relationships.

Yes, you should always be a willing giver in a relationship. IF you want to get closer to a person, you’re going to want to give a lot of yourself to this individual. However, there is a proper time and place for everything. And sometimes, you might have a tendency to give way too much in way too short of a timespan.

You don’t want to be making yourself too open and too easy to figure out. You might be giving off the wrong signals to the people around you. You still want to be able to maintain a sense of individuality and identity. Engage in self-love and self-respect. And let other people know that there is no room for disrespect if they are to get into relationships with you.

2. You fail to set and enforce boundaries in your relationship.

It’s always important to set proper boundaries within any kind of relationship. When you set healthy boundaries within a relationship, that means you are drawing a line in the sand. You are essentially educating the people you are within the manner which they are supposed to treat you.

Once you are able to establish boundaries within a relationship, you are essentially standing up for yourself. You are demanding to be treated a certain way. And you are making it known that there will be serious consequences to any violations of these boundaries. You’re just essentially setting people straight and letting them know that you mean business. It also promotes a sense of accountability within the relationship.

3. You just automatically assume that people are going to use and abuse you.

It’s the law of attraction. If you’re constantly going to be putting it out there that you are someone who is to be sued and abused by others, then that’s what is going to end up happening. Sometimes, a simple change of mindset within your own psyche would be enough to compel other people to treat you differently as well.

Part of that is readjusting the way that you see yourself. You need to know that you are a person who is deserving of respect from the people you are with. And when you work on your confidence and self-worth, it will serve as a deterrent for potential abusers and manipulators.

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