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10 Reasons Why Some Nigerian Ladies Gain Weight After Marriage

Reasons for pot belly in Nigerian Ladies after wedding

This post was sent to us through one of our free healthcare and fitness ideas readers from Nigeria and the man was like, her lady seems to be very sexy and beautiful but immediately after their wedding and now that she in marriage, the lady is beginning to get fat with big pot belly. Then i also got to know through my research that most ladies in Nigeria tends to get big belly when they get married. Could this be evidence of good living? No.

As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the causes of pot belly for Nigerian ladies and the possible solution to the problem. All will be discussed as you read on with this post. We need to know that pot belly isn’t really healthy because it could lead to more complications like high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, stroke, obesity, stroke etc

Someone asked me that what are the reasons why women women get fat with pot belly after marriage” and i believe this is a common problem among ladies that even average weight guys suddenly become pot bellied after some years in Marriage.

I was at a party and many of my old friends in school were in attendance, i notice i could only recognize the ladies among the friends with little or no changes in stature but i couldn’t recognize the ladies because many of them had gained so much weight and fat due to marriage.

I know notice that many Nigerian ladies as well as their African counterpart add more weight after marriage. My sister was very slim before marriage and now, she has added so much weight due to marriage. I did my research and concluded that there reasons and factors that causes that. Some which are explained as you read on ;

1. Child Bearing: In some people, giving birth also add more to their weight and get fat no matter how sexy and figure they look before childbirth. One of the reasons why so many Nigerian ladies get out of shape after marriage is due to child bearing. By the time they start giving birth to children, the body secretes hormones that causes weight gain and it stores fat in their body and many of these fat can be very difficult to lose especially she had a baby at hand that she gives milk

2. Eating Too Much Starch: Many of these Nigerians ladies do not have a diet plan that helps them keep their shape instead they feed of excess starch foods. Some prefers to eat yam, eba, amala, bread, meat pie, snacks all which contains high calories and makes them gain weight.

reasons why nigerian ladies have pot belly after marriage

3. Due to Lack of Exercise: Many of Nigerian ladies gain weight after marriage because of lack of exercise. Many ladies after marriage will not want to walk either long or short distance, they will want to drive around using their husband cars or personal cars and many wouldn’t want to run or do some cardio exercise to lose weight. These are some of the reasons some of them add weight beyond expectation.

4. Late Marriage: One of the things that cause weight gain and makes these Nigerian ladies go out of shape is that many don’t get married at early age between 18 to 24yrs and some will prefer to work and get married at late 30s and 40s. This will tell on the body and cause weight gain.

5. Its Natural: Some people claim its natural in marriage which i don’t believe in such. I still ask an aunt of mine and she told me that its natural but the woman or lady will be the one to do things to avoid such weight gain by eating dieting and exercise.

6. Too Much Food: Many Nigerian ladies eat too much food like carbohydrate and fatty foods, fried foods, fried meat and many more. All these are things that some of these ladies do that makes them get out of shape through excess weight gain.

7. Late Night Food: One of the reasons and factors that causes excess weight gain in women and which makes them lose their shape after marriage is that many of these women/ladies do eat at nights. Some prefers to weight for their husbands at late nights while some will come back late from work to eat, this usually cause slow digestion and in return, it causes weight gain.

8. Stress: Marriage is supposed to be seen as a lovely thing but our Nigerian ladies or women don’t know how to plan to make it work for them. Some will want to combine their house chores, with work, with family issues, with children rearing etc which makes them get stressed up and in return they gain weight and their shape get out hand.

9. Birth Control Pills : One of the things that causes weight gain for some Nigerian ladies after marriage is frequent consumption of birth control pills. Many our ladies do not know that there’s is a tendency for weight gain when they take family planning pills to control frequency of conception and childbirth. Although it may not be so for some people while it makes some gain weight and makes their shape get out of hand.

10. High Calories Diet: Another factor that cause weight gain in women after marriage is excessive consumption of high calorie foods. High calorie foods are sugar, yam,bread,cassava, doughnuts, and snacks generally.

These are reasons why some Nigerian ladies gain weight after marriage and lose their shapes. But all these can be control through dieting like eating more fiber foods, more fruits and exercising the body once in a while which i believe walking and playing with kids also does.

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  • What I know is that its not anybody's fault. It may be due to lack of food and exercises as you've said. Only few still maintain their figure after their wedding.

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