18 Types of Cancer and Where it can be Located in the body

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If you have stumble upon this site through the social media or search results, i will tell you that you have been redirected to the best health site where we discussed so many health related topics. Now, we will be looking at the various location of cancer in the body and few things to do to be free from exposure to cancerous cells.

What is Cancer? Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in many part of the world which causes cancerous growth in the body but medical teams and doctors have never relent on their research to find the real cause of cancer in the body. Cancer is an abnormal growth in the body which cause multiplication of cancerous organisms in the cells.

Some people only hear about cancer but do not know the different types of cancer and their location in the body, i mean the areas where these cancer cells affects. That is why am putting information together so as to list the common types of cancer, the location and how we can avoid it or the growth from spreading throughout the body.

Cancer is not contagious but it is hereditary and it is more common in women than in men where few men contact prostate cancer but women have more than the men in terms of contacting cancer disease. Types of cancer and their location in the body includes;

1.  Bone Cancer: This is a type of cancer that is found in the bone. It Causes swelling and pains in the bone. It may lead to death if not properly treated.

2.  Urinary Cancer: This is a cancer type that affects the urinary bladder. It makes the urinary bladder bleeds but can be cured if discovered in it early stage.

3. Breast Cancer: If affect the breast and start early as lump in the breast. But if any case of lump are reported doctors as early as possible, then it can be prevented.

4. Cervical Cancer: This affect cervix of the uterus and commonly found among women or older women. Exposing the body to too much of radiations due cause this cancer.

5.  Colon Cancer; This type of cancer affect tissue around the anus and older people are susceptible to this type of cancer.

6. liver Cancer:  This type of cancer affect the liver and the common signs includes jaundice signs. It kills more faster than most cancer of the body.

7. Lips Cancer: This cancer type affect the lips either in men or women but more in women who use harsh or fake make up products.

8. Skin Cancer: This cancer type affect the skin, it cause rashes, swell or boils on the skin and it mostly affect people who bleach their skin with harsh bleaching cream.

9. Lung Cancer:  This cancer type affect the lungs, throat and it mostly affect people who smoke excessively because the high presence of nicotine in the blood stream or smoke along the lung can cause this type of cancer.

10.  Ovarian Cancer: This type of cancer affect the Ovary in women. Irregular blood flow or infected blood flow in the ovary could lead to this type of cancer. And having multiple partners could also lead to this. 

11. Prostate Cancer; This cancer affect men and its associated with growth in the male reproductive organs and hormones. 

12. Bladder Cancer: This affect both men and women and its affect the bladder. Irregular growth in the bladder tracts do cause the bladder cancer.

13. Brain Cancer: This cancer affects the brain either in men or women. It starts with brain tumor, migraine, sleeplessness and cancerous growth in the brain.

14. Kidney Cancer: This cancer type affect the kidney and the cause of this is due to substance that gain access into the kidney through food or minerals consumed by the body that refuse to get digested. 

15. Bowel Cancer:  This cancer is also referred to as stomach cancer. It occur when the cancerous cells gain access into the stomach. It causes so much pains and may lead to bleeding. 

16. Thyroid Cancer: This type of cancer affect the neck where cancerous growth are found around the neck region.

17. Testicular Cancer: This cancer type affect the testes in men. It cause swelling of the testis with painful and discomfort conditions.

18. Blood Cancer:  This cancer affect the blood cells and may cause death of victim is quick medical intervention is not given. Blood cancer is too risky to live with and the sign is similar to anemia.

In Conclusion, these are type of cancer, their effect and the location where many of them are found. The only way you can help or protect yourself from these cancer types is that you need to see the doctor as soon as you notice any growth in your body and try as much as possible to avoid exposing your body to radiations. Thanks for reading.

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