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5 Drugs to Take While Traveling on a Short Distance Journey

I was in a bus last week and i lady started complaining of stomach pain while another person was feeling dizzy but because anytime am traveling, i go with some simple pills and i dipped my hand inside my bag and gave the one with pain a pain relief and the lady with stomach upset a relief pain. So, i decided to write on the simple drugs anyone can take along when anyone is traveling on a short distance journey.
You know is compulsory for people with asthma to go along with their medication and people with cough should also get along with their cough expectorant syrups or tablets but there are still few drugs that can be prescribed and kept in the bag for any case of emergency. 

What Drugs Can i Take while Traveling on a short Distance? In our last post, we discussed on 5 medicines you need to take while traveling on a long distance like traveling between states or countries but this time we will be stating the kind of drugs recommended for short distance.

I will say this post is a continuation or just an added part of the previous post but this time, we will be looking at short distance travels. Although it makes sense to take along the exact practice or the drugs you take along with you while traveling on a long distance, you still do the same for short distance. That is why not really is going to change about the earlier post and this post.

Just below or as you read on, we will be listing drugs that are good for travelers especially for short distance journey. These drugs are part of the things you need to take along with you and should be packed inside your bag. No matter how short the distance may look like to you, you still need to travel along with some drugs so as to cure emergency cases like headache. These medicines includes;

1. Pain Killers: Each time you are traveling on a short distance distance like between states, areas, one of the drugs you need to take along with you are pain killers drugs. Pain killers are drugs that find instant relief to health issues like headache, high temperature, weakness and many more. For instance, you are in a bus and you feel like you are having headache, the first first aids to use is pain killer but if it persist after some hours, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

2. Cough Drugs: Cough can be very embarrassing, irritating and cause discomfort. If you are inside a bus and you are traveling although a short distance journey, due to exposure of your body to excess air, you might start coughing and how do you deal with this? the only way you can cope with coughing inside the bus or in the plane is to ensure you have some drugs inside your bag. So, if you are traveling on a short distance travel, ensure you have some cough drugs inside your luggage so you can use it when the need arises.

Drugs to take while traveling on short distance

3. Period Drugs: This apply to women or ladies alone, when traveling on a short distance journey, you need to go along with some period drugs especially if you are the monthly period flow. And if you are not menstruating, ensure you still have such drugs for your younger ones or your teenage daughter because she might need such drugs in case if there is an an emergency flow or situation on right there inside the bus. This happened to lady i know as i was traveling on a short distance, she ask people around her to give her some tissue paper which i believe is embarrassing, i told her to always take her period drugs anything shes having it and while traveling.

4. Pain Relief Drugs: When you are traveling, no matter how short or long the distance is, you need to take along some relief drugs. Relief drugs are not only pain killers but drugs like analgesic, diuretics, laxatives, and many more are also medicines that should be packed along in the bag.

5. Vitamins Supplements
: Vitamins are very essential to the body because they fight germs, they contains fibers, they aids digestion, and they repair cells and tissues in the body. Vitamins can never be overdose which means you can continue to use more when you are in the bus or in the car. A good example of a Vitamin supplement you can take along is Vitamin C and you take it frequently. 

These are medicines, drugs and things you need to take while traveling on a short distance journey. Just the way you remember to take your tooth brush, tooth paste, diapers, hair brush, body cream etc, you should also find time to have these drugs in your bags too. Thanks for reading. 

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