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7 Common Signs of Addiction to Pain Killer Drugs Without Knowing

According to health report, it was gathered that painkiller drugs bring relief on pains such as headache, body pains, chest pain, back pains etc but I know that anything that have so much advantages must also have disadvantages without people knowing these facts but its true.

Painkiller drugs are good but these drugs are killing people gradually and many people don’t know this especially those who are addicted to pain relief drugs. Some of the effect of addiction of people or the body to pain relief drugs is that it causes kidney or liver problems and you may not know it. 

Signs you are addicted to painkiller drugs

How do i know if am addicted to pain killer drugs? Like we use to say that every addiction is a bad thing and its more severe when people are addicted to drugs in the name of using pain killer prescription drugs.

Do you remember that some years back a popular musician in the United State was said to have died of excessive consumption of pain killer drugs and the name of the musician is Michael Jackson. Getting addicted to pain killer drugs could cause severe health conditions like death or damages of the body cells or tissues.

Some people just used prescription drugs anyhow and they claim they have headache, the got tired, they are feeling feverish, and the need pain killers to suppress the pain within the shortest period of time, they become addicted and they won’t even know they are addicted to these drugs. 

How do we then know if someone is getting addicted to pain kill drugs without knowing is the question am about to answer know.

You can know if your getting addicted to pain reliever drugs through the following;

1. Test Showing it: One of the ways to know if someone is becoming a pain killer addict or the signs to show pain killer addiction is when the test shows the presence of the drugs. You can confirm this by running a lab test on your body. I run a check on my health sometimes ago and the nurse asked me if am avoiding late night sleep for browsing i and ask why, she told me the test is showing it. 

The same way a medical test can show that you are consuming too much of these pain reliever or pain killer drugs, this is a kind of addiction.

2. If Exceed the Required Dose: You become addicted to pain killers if you notice that you use more than the required or more than the prescribed dose before the drug can work. Many times, excessive use of drugs may not have any have any impact in the body because the body will build a resistant to it which will make you use and that is addiction.

People around you can confirm this or seeing your doctor regularly can make you realize that you are gradually becoming an addict to painkiller drugs.

3. Searching for Drugs Frequently: Even if you are not weak or you don’t have body pains but you still search the whole area to buy the drugs by all means. One of the signs of addiction is when you skip work in search of pain killer which is very bad. 

Its a bit difficult to control this but careful examination of your body behavior or demands towards wanting more drugs shows you are getting addicted to these drugs but you don’t know.

4. Take Pills Daily: One of the signs of pain killer addiction without knowing is when you wake up early in the morning and the first thing you do is to take the pills. If you do this daily, then you are addicted to this drugs. It means you can’t do without pain killer drugs and you are more like an addict.

5. Ignoring Side Effect: You are already a chronic pain killer addict if you notice a side effect while using the drugs and you still continue to use it. You notice a drug is having an effect on your body system and you still ignore and continue to use these drugs, then you are addicted to it which needs to be checked or stopped.

6. Seeking drugs on Long Distance: Anytime i notice that i search for long distance before getting something means am addicted to such. If you search for a particular pain killer and  you need to find it by going to long distance before you get such pills is an addiction.

7. Ignoring other Drugs: One of the signs of pain killer addiction is when you are having problems using other drugs, when you argue in favor of that same pills is a sign that your body is already getting addicted to the drugs

In Conclusion, it is a very terrible thing to get addicted to drug especially pain killer pills. It could cause death, it could also cause diseases like liver or kidney disease, and the body will build resistant to the drugs so that it longer reduce pains again in the body. If you notice you are getting addicted, please consult your doctor and find alternative ways to solving this. Thanks for reading.

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  • Painkiller drugs are easily addicted to by ignorance. Just like any other drugs and that is why we need to be very careful of some of the pain kills we use.

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