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7 Foods That Can Cure Heart Diseases Quickly Without Side Effect

One of the best way to take care of our health is through the monitoring of what we eat. Good feeding habit means good health and everything also depends on how healthy the heart is.

When the heart is health, the whole body is healthy and when you for feed the heart with healthy food, the heart rate becomes normal and it free the body from cardiac related diseases such as hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and many more.

Heart diseases which includes hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, heart/chest pain etc are very deadly and proper care must be taken to reduce them quickly and without drugs.

I notice that even as an individual who live with this heart diseases, you continue to take drugs without minding the fact some food can actually cure, reduce or suppress this disease with time. Such foods that can cure heart diseases fast without drugs are listed below as you read on. Some which includes;

1.   Eat Snail : Snail consumption is healthy and can be used to cure heart diseases fast without drugs. When my father was attacked by stroke due to high blood pressure, one of the food that was recommended then was snail and we got fast result with this. Snail contains no fat, cholesterol, oil but a natural substance that even helps in the normal functioning of the heart. So i recommend anybody with any disease of the heart should start eating snail.

2. Drunking Snail Water : Just as we describe above about snail being one of the recommended food that can cure heart disease, snail water is also a fast way to reduce heart disease because it contains active substance that cure blood pressure and operations of the heart.

cure heart disease without drugs

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        3. Skimmed Milk : At times, milk may not be recommended because it may contain sugar and animal fat but if you can afford to get an original skimmed milk then its very nice. Skimmed milk is a processed protein and continuous consumption of these can lead to cure of heart diseases.

        4. Dongoyaro Plant: Dongoyaro plant can be found in some part of Africa like Nigeria and its a multipurpose plant. Its leaves can be cooked, its bark can be soaked as herbs and can be dried/grind-ed into a powdered form. Its helps cure diseases relating to heart issues.

        5. Water Leaf : Water leaf is a plant as well as a vegetable that can be cooked as food. Water leave is delicious but the most important aspect is the medicinal value of reducing heart related diseases. You only need to include this leave in all the food you eat and you will see changes in the body.

        6. Sandpaper Leaf : Sandpaper leaf is a plant found in West Africa and its popularly called Ewe Epin in Nigeria. It is very effective for heart related diseases like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure and many more. It can be cooked, boiled or can be soaked and scrubbed to extract the liquid in it for drinking.  

        7. Fiber foods: These are foods that are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and good amount of water. Examples are cabbage, pawpaw, cucumber, wheat, oats, carrots, garden egg, millet et. They contains proteins, high amount of fiber which is good for digestion and more vitamins and minerals that help in regulating the heart and preventing the heart from diseases.

        This leaf is highly recommended and effective to curing heart diseases of any kind. Just look around your locality and find this leave, cook it and drink few cups per day. 

        You will need to consult your doctor if symptoms persist but these food items described above are very effective and can cure heart disease but its will take some time. Especially the sandpaper leaf which can also drop your blood pressure be consumed in moderation. Thanks for reading.

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