Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Men and Women That Works Fast

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What are the home remedies for hair loss in matured men and women that works fast? Hair loss in people in one of the trending health issues online and we need to have a careful discussion on this and the ways to treat this at home and get you hair loss recovered within the shortest period of time or as fast as possible.

In our previous post, we have highlighted and discussed extensively the various causes of hair loss either in men or women and how to treat this condition using medications, creams or drugs.

But this time, i got a mail from a friend who said i should try as much as possible to write on natural remedy to treating hair loss. I noticed that my friend is going bald and he had used lot and lot of creams, medications, drugs and now he decided to make use of home remedy which also means natural ways to prevent, cure or get rid of hair loss in men or women.

We believe hair loss occurrence is due to some changes such as old age, inheritance, reactions, low production of enzymes, balding gene and many more. But some of the home treatment for treating hair loss at home or to treat hair loss naturally includes;

1. Honey
: One of the mostly recommended home treatments for hair loss or the best natural ways to treating hair loss from home that really work fast is use of honey. Naturally is proteinous animal extract which when consumed helps the skin in hair regrowth. Studies shows that people who like to lick natural original honey or those who put honey in their tea usually don’t experience hair loss even if the hair loss is genetically induced, inherited or as a result of old age. So if you want the best natural hair treatments, then eat more honey.

2. Natural Oil: Another natural way to treat hair loss fast  either for men or women, or let say a good home treatments/remedy for hair loss is to use natural oil such as Coconut oil, natural hair cream from plant extract or hair oil/cream which do not contain any chemicals that promotes hair growth. Avoiding these harsh oil will help your hair grow faster without the use of drugs.

3. More Vitamin D: Vitamin D is also an important Vitamins in the body that helps the skin but not only that, it also helps prevent hair loss or baldness and it works really fast. You can treat hair loss or prevent it by eating foods rich in Vitamin D examples which includes milk, egg, fish, and other fruits and vegetables.

4. Use Coconut Oil: Another home remedy or treatments that you need to consider when treating hair loss naturally and get a quick result is the use of coconut oil. Coconut oil contains some active enzymes and Vitamins that supports hair growth and prevent hair from dropping or going bald. Coconut oil is natural, cheap and you can even do one for yourself by plucking and extracting oil from coconut at home. Coconut oil promotes hair growth and not hair loss.

5. Use of Aloe Vera Oil: Another thing you need to consider when thinking of ways to treat hair loss naturally from home is Aloe Vera. Just like Coconut, Aloe Vera has so many uses in the body, skin and consistence use of this plant oil will help cure any form of hair loss in you.

6. Avoid Harsh Shampoo or Relaxer; Some hair shampoo or hair relaxers are not user friendly, so what you will do to prevent some of these relaxers from ripping hair off your head is to buy mild hair relaxers if at all you want to use any. Continuous use of mild relaxers won’t have much effect on your skin and it promotes hair growth.

7. Plait Natural Hair: I notice the choose of hair style like braids and other are major causes of hair loss especially in women and to avoid or prevent this from happening simply plait natural hair style and not the one that will be so hard that it will begin to remove your hail little by little without any gain.

In Conclusion, these are natural or home remedy for hair loss in either men or women. that works quickly are discussed above. Honey is very important and you need to be very careful before buying honey because you might buy the mixed honey which may cause another thing in your body like diabetes.

 And for men, ensure you don’t over carve the shape at the front or back of the head during hair cut because it also causes hair loss in men if care is not taking. Thanks for reading.

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