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How to Handle High Cost of Prescription Drugs

With the recent increase in the cost of prescription drugs almost everywhere in the world, i only felt that we need to educate ourselves on what to do and how we can go about when there is no money to purchase this drugs. Some prescription drugs are really on the high side after making some simple sampling on the cost of drugs relating to illness like stroke, hypertension, typhoid, cancer, malaria and other sexually related or transmitted diseases.

How Can we Cope with the High Cost of Prescription Drugs?  In our last update, we discussed on different ways to handle and cope with the high cost of food and in case you miss that post, see the link below and read the post especially for people living in Nigeria or other part of Africa where things are really getting expensive.

Due to economic problems in some part of the world, the cost of drugs are really on the high side. People with various sickness like diabetes, tuberculosis, asthma, malaria, typhoid, high blood pressure, stroke etc all need to buy prescription drugs either in drugs store or online but when the price is too high, many of them do know what to do and the situation get worse.

How to handle high cost of drugs

As you read on with this post, we will be describing different ways to handle high cost of prescription drugs, how you can afford it and make it available for use. These includes;

1. Visit Your Doctor: If you notice you could not afford the price of any prescription drug and you really need to use it to cure a particular disease or ailment, please talk with your doctor. Doctors are human beings like you and you get the best medical advice from the doctor. The doctor will be in a position to help you out by telling you where you can get the drugs cheaply, giving you some and telling the alternatives that seems to be inexpensive and affordable.

2. Find Alternative
: One of the ways to cope with the high cost of drugs is to find alternative drugs like the generic ones. The doctor or any other medical practitioner can help you out in these area, they can tell you another generic drug that can perform the same function with the one you want and are very cheap. For example, i bought to buy a malaria which seems expensive but was recommended to another by my doctor which seems less but much more effective than the expensive drugs.

3. Go Get Free Drugs: When drugs are too expensive to bear like the situation in some West African countries like Nigeria now, you need to source for free drugs. There are Government designated areas where drugs are distributed for free to people who can’t buy them especially the old or elderly people. You can search this online or in your area, i believe you can get one that helps with free drugs.

4. Drugs at Wholesales Store: When you notice the drugs you are about to buy is too expensive, you just need to check out wholesales store around you where some of these drugs are bought at cheap prices. It may not be free but it cheaper and affordable.

5. Government Health Centers: Health centers owned by Governments all free drugs and treatments for the people, you just need to visit the one closest to your area. Some people don’t know that these health care centers are set up by the Government to assist people in terms of free treatments and drugs along with good medical advice from pharmacist and doctors

6. Save Money: One of the ways to also buy drugs even if the drugs are expensive is to save. You save to buy these drugs especially for people who have no families or friends to help them out financially.

7. Check Non-Governmental Organizations: There are many NGOs that helps provide support for the people. Many of these Non-Governmental Organization helps people by providing them with free drugs when they couldn’t afford one. If you in these category, search for an NGO, visit them and talk to them, you might be given one.

8. Beg for it: When drugs are too expensive to obtain, then on of the things you can do is to solicit financial support from friends and families, you never can tell who will help you with money to buy those drugs. If you don’t ask people for this, they might not know what is happening, so you tell them you need money to buy some drugs for yourself.

These are simple ways to handle the high cost of drugs. When the drugs are too expensive and you can afford it, you just need to tell your doctor about it, look for generic cheap ones, check the wholesales stores or you visit Government owned health centres where you can get these drugs for free. Thanks for reading.

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