How to Treat Cold and Catarrh without Drugs

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Its the cold season in my country and some other part of the world and I realized that there are some diseases that are associated to cold weather such as cold, cough, influenza, catarrh and many more.

As you read on with this post, we will be discussing useful healthcare ideas or tips on ways to cure cold and catarrh without seeing the doctor or without taking drugs.

Are there ways to Fight Cold and Catarrh without Drugs? I will like us to know that cold and catarrh are two different diseases but could come side by side especially when the body is exposed to cold or during excessive rainfall. But there are simple natural treatment that can be used where there is no doctor or without drugs.

There are many ways to fight cold and catarrh without drugs since many people especially the youth and teens don’t really like taking drugs for some health issues. There are many drugs that can cure catarrh and flu but as you read on, we will be explaining different ways to fight cold and flu without taking drugs. Some which includes;  

1. Drink Tea: One of the ways you can fight cold and catarrh without taking drugs is ensure you drink hot tea during this period. The more you drink hot tea, the more the cold or flu reduces and with time, it goes off. Taking hot tea will help you warm the body system and when the body system is warm, the cold, catarrh or flu dies.

2. Some Green Tea: Another way to fight cold and catarrh is to ensure you drink green tea. Green tea is also known as herb tea which is believed to be very effective for the treatments of cold and catarrh. You also need to drink this green tea when it is hot and with time, the catarrh with go.

3. Some Vitamin Supplements
: One of the ways to prevent yourself from cold or to cure the cold and catarrh you are currently experiencing is to take vitamins supplements. If you don’t have access to fresh fruits which contains lot of vitamins like Vitamin C, D,E,K then you need to take the supplements. 

Some of these supplements are sold at drugs store or at the pharmacy, it helps to repair worn-out tissues in the body and it replaces vitamins deficiencies in the body.
4. Wear Thick Clothing: You can also fight cold and catarrh or prevent yourself from contacting this diseases is by wearing thick clothing. By the time you wear fabrics made of think materials, your body becomes very warm as well as your chest which seems to be congested becomes De-congested and you become very fine without the use of drugs.

5. Natural Foods: Fresh foods contains vitamins and minerals that can helps fight cold and catarrh. If you eat fresh foods and not the frozen foods that contains little or no minerals and vitamins that will helps fight diseases. Fresh foods contains enzymes that helps to build a strong antibody that prevent diseases just like cold and catarrh.

6. Fibers: Fibers foods aids digestion and increases the body rate of metabolism, this means if you eat more of these fibers fruits, you get healthy and it is very active against cold and catarrh treatments.

Examples of such fiber foods includes cabbage, watermelon, garden egg, cucumber etc. It does not only contain fibers but high amount of vitamins that prevent the body from flu and cold without drugs.

7. Fruits: Fruits contains high amount of Vitamins that are very active for fighting one disease or the other like cold and catarrh. When you eat more of fruits like oranges, grapes, lemon, pineapple, apple, etc, you will soon observe that you don’t contact cold and catarrh and if you have any, it leaves within the shortest period of time.

These are ways to fight cold and catarrh without drugs. You really do not need drugs to cure cold and flu but i believe the explanation above gives a more insight on how you can treat that naturally. Thanks for reading.

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