Long Term Side Effects of Smoking of Cigarettes for Both Male and Female

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What are the long term side effect of Cigarettes smoking to the body of both male and female?
Cigarette smoking is very harmful not only to the lungs but other organs in the body also suffers some set back as a result of the smoke of tobacco accumulation to the lungs, heart or in the blood. But cigarette does much harm than good either as a man or woman, girl or boy which we will be looking at as you read on with this post. 
In our last updates relating to drugs and addiction, we discussed on the long term side effect of weed or marijuana to the body but I noticed that the dangerous effect of marijuana is also applicable to smoking of cigarettes too, so I applied the ideas to cigarettes smoking so that we all can learn from this as well.

Like i said in our previous post on smoking of weed, despite the fact that both the government, federal and some other individual and private companies warn people against smoking cigarettes, some people are just starting to be engaged in it, some are already in it even at their early youthful age whole others are already at the matured stage which is the addiction age.

I decided to use this medium to sensitize people especially the young people on the dangers and long term side effects of smoking cigarettes due to the various threats it pose to the health. At this festive season, we need to be careful of what we eat, drink and the environment so as not to be engaged in drugs or substance abuse.

Tobacco is classified as hard drugs, it causes so many long term effect on the body. Long-term means that the effect can stay long enough in the body without being manifested or the damages can be so severe on the body that it won’t show at present but later in the future.

Below are some of the long term side effects of cigarettes smoking to the body either you area male or female and it includes;

1. Gradual Addiction: One of the worse side effect you either as a man or woman, male or female when you smoke cigarettes everyday is that you get addicted to it big time. Its a bad habit which makes it easy for you to get addicted to. And you know that every addiction to drugs or alcohol is a bad thing. When you are addicted to cigarette, then you are liable to die young which is very real.

2. Liver and Kidney: As a male or female, another side effect of a long term you experience when you smoke cigarettes is that it may cause a liver or kidney problem. Both liver and kidney are excretory materials and in the process of removing some of the carbon or smoke out of the body, the liver may develop a fault and you are in serious health situation. That is also one of the reasons health expert says that smokers are liable to die young.

3. Lung Cancer: Getting cancer through smoking of cigarette does have specification in the sense that it can happen to anyone either male or female. The only type of cancer attached to smoking of cigarettes is the cancerous growth that occur in the lungs. The lung is the one of the major respiratory organs which helps in inhalation and exhalation.
But when the lungs begin to inhale and exhale smoke such as weed, it mix up with acid along the respiratory track to form dangerous acid like nicotinic acid and intoxicated acids.

All these substance being produced are what lead to lung cancer. Lung cancer is a long term side effect of cigarettes to either old or young people and I will like you to know that anyone with lung cancer is liable to early death.

4. Brain issues: Not all mad people either male  you see at rehab centers or psychiatric hospitals are actually mad but many get this mental disorder due to their continuous smoking of cigarettes. Since cigarettes also intoxicates, it has a wrong effect on the brain cells and it gradually reduce the activities of the brain cells which lead to mental disorder such as depression, full grown madness, heart ache, stroke and many more.

5. Heart diseases: One of the dangerous long term side effect of cigarette smoking to the body for both gender is that it causes heart problem. Too much smoking of cigarettes over a long period of time can lead to heart diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke and many more. Since tobacco is toxic for the blood vessels.

6. Erectile Dysfunction: Especially for men at a later age, many men complain of low sperm count, low erection, low fertility etc not knowing that all issues relating to low fertility in men and women can be traceable to weed smoking.

Some people complain of being a one minute man and watery sperms not knowing that its was as a result of weed and other substance abuse on their health. This happens on a long term

What to do to avoid cigarette smoking and Its Addiction

1. Replace cigarette smoking with fruits and vegetables. Each time you think of weed, why not go for fruits instead.

2. Visit Rehab centers: If you are a cigarette addict, why not search the or look around for good rehab centers you you can be rehabilitated within the shortest time. Better still, let your doctor know about it and he’s in the best position to recommend a drug rehab for you.

3. Write down the dangers of tobacco to your body and paste it on your room wall or angles, it helps to discourage substance or weed among people.

4. Do not see cigarette smoking as the solution to your present problems. Its not and will harm your brain, blood cells and health.

5. Be determine: For some people, getting determine to stop a particular habit can be achieved when you are really serious and dedicated in stopping it. It takes your decision in saying no that i want to stop this habit of smoking cigarette you leave it gradually with time. Thanks for reading.

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