10 Things to do as Old Age Approaches to Prevent Sickness

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If you thinking on what to do as old age arrives especially in the area of preventing yourself from sickness pertaining old age, you have stumble upon the right site where we will be discussing various health issues regarding health and fitness as well as information on diseases.

Just like my aunt, he never realizes she is getting old and older daily and she still continues to stress herself up and she eat poorly until one day that she fell sick. This can happen to anyone and that is why everyone need to prepare for old age and how this is done is just simple and that is what you are read now.

As you celebrate your birthday yearly, you are not getting any younger and i believe by the time you clock age 40, you are already becoming old and you need to adjust immediately as You don’t need till you get to age 50 before you start preparing for old age. Some of the things you need to adjust to as you get older includes;

1. Just Excess Reduce Salt: As you get older at age 40, 50 and 60, you need to start reducing your salt intake so as to reduce your risk of getting salt related questions. Common Salt contains sodium which is really not good for the aged ones as it may cause heart diseases like high blood pressure and hypertension when in excess.

2. Reduce Excess Sugar: Not only salt you need to reduce between the age of 40 to 60, you also need to reduce your sugar intake so as to reduce age related illness. Excess sugar can cause diabetes and may also cause weight gain which i believe is bad for old people.

3. Avoid Sugary Foods/Drinks: As you get older, you need to do away with sugary drinks,alcohol, beer etc because the body system might be getting weak and when the insulin is over worked at that age, you may become diabetic when excess sugar is in your body.

4. Just Eat Less: As you grow older, you need to eat less and not only that, you need to eat less of carbohydrate, oil and fat and everything generally. Don’t over feed yourself at that age just eat the required amount of food that your body can digest.

5. Eat more Vitamins
; Instead, you eat more vitamins vitamins are very important to the body. You can get vitamins in fruits and vegetables. You as grow older, you need to eat more fruits like watermelon, oranges, apple, carrot, garden egg, pineapple, pawpaw etc they all contain vitamins that can help the body a lot

6. Eat less Carbohydrates; As the old age approaches, you need to eat less of carbohydrates because the body is not younger anymore and it will help you to reduce diseases. So too much of yam, coco-yam, bread, cakes, should be avoid but eat the required amount you need.

7. Avoid Fried Foods: You should also try to reduce your consumption of fried food but eat them fresh. Fried food is not healthy for the body as old age approaches but fresh foods are better and healthy.

8. Exercise: One of the best thing to do when you are getting older is to try as much as possible to exercise your body. The best way to do that is to try exercises like walking, jogging, running around the compound and many more. It is very healthy to the body as you grow older.

9. Be Happy: As old age approaches, you need to ensure you keep yourself happy. Happiness ensures good health but when you are sad, unhappy then you are doing the body more harm than good.

10. Sleep Well: As this time of your life, you need to ensure you sleep well without any disturbance. Sleeping well relaxes the body cells, muscles and brain.

In Conclusion
These are things you need to do, things you need to do as you get older to prevent sickness. Just sleep well, make yourself happy, do some exercises, avoid fried foods, eat less, eat less of junks or avoid it, eat more vitamins, reduce excess salt, reduce excess sugar etc. All these things are the healthy tips and ideas you need as you celebrate your next birthday and most importantly the golden jubilee at age 50. Thanks for reading.

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