14 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fats

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If your anything like me, your belly is your most vital trouble spot. Whether you’re a teenage girl looking how to lessen belly fat, or a young adult wanting to get rid of belly fat quickly, several things can be done to get the slender midriff we all desire. Did you know that too much belly fat cuts your life expectancy in half? Statistics show that more than half of Americans are obese or overweight. To be exact, for Caucasians it is 66%. For Blacks, it is 49%, and among the Hispanic population, 3 out of 4 people are obese or at risk of obesity. Alarmingly, 33% of American children are overweight. It’s not always going to be easy, and it will require some effort and life changes, but the result is something Significant. Adding **belly fat loss **to your routine can help whittle our middle, get healthier, and create the lean look we crave.

Ready to get started? Here are some fantastic ways for girls to blast belly fat fast and create the silhouette you’ve always imagined having.


  •  Switch to whole grains instead of refined ones
  •  Eat veggies at snack time (prep in advance to save time)
  •  Get more calcium from low-fat cheese and yogurt
  •  Add tart cherries to your meal plan
  •  Go for a run to burn calories
  •  Get enough sleep to control appetite hormones
  • Try not to snack after dinner
  •  Drink dandelion tea
  •  Eat more spicy foods, which boosts metabolism
  •  Add chia seeds to your diet to bulk up your meal
  •  Swap your regular cooking oil for coconut oil
  •  Cook with herbs
  •  Take a fish oil supplement
  •  Add lemon to your water (find out why here)
  •  Drink more water – make it flavored for more benefits and variety
  •  Choose lean meats over fattier cuts
  •  Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your diet to help burn fat – unusual, but it works!
  •  Try yoga
  •  Drink more green tea
  •  Find ways to relieve stress – stress causes the release of cortisol which traps fat in the midsection
  • Stay active by taking the stairs, parking further from the store and standing during phone calls
  • Ride your bike instead of driving
  • Go for a walk every day
  •  Avoid sugary drinks – soda, sports drinks, frozen cocktails, etc.
  •  Eat more lean protein like chicken, fish, and beans
  • Choose healthy fats
  •  Choose complex carbs instead of simple carbs (yes, you can eat carbs when losing weight as long as you choose good carbs!)
  • Eat more fiber from whole grains, fruits, and veggies
  •  Get in some cardio every day
  •  Track your calorie intake so you can make cuts where necessary
  •  Avoid sleeping too much since this slows down your metabolism
  •  Eat more berries including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries – they are all high in antioxidants
  •  Avoid hydrogenated fats
  •  Eat sprouted bread (it’s also known as Ezekiel bread).
  •  Include weight lifting in your exercise routine
  •  Avoid foods that contain artificial sweeteners
  •  Get outside to top up your vitamin D
  •  Enjoy reasonable portions of nuts for a snack
  •  Use garlic to flavor food instead of salt
  •  Eat fish at least twice per week

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