5 Common Causes of Grey Hair and Their Natural Treatments

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Are you one of those who observed that you are growing grey hair without being old and you wonder what could have happened to make you have such hair, you have stumble-upon the right post which clears the air on basic health issues including hair, hair problems and their natural treatments that helps.

The fact that you have gray hair doesn’t mean something is wrong simply because some people have it naturally from birth and they are not old as you think. 

What Are the common Causes of Grey Hair? Someone asked me a question on what causes grey hair and solutions to the this. I was quick to look at my hair and i also noticed i was having few scattered gray hair, this make me consult the doctor to know what causes gray hair and also the remedies.

At times, Gray hair does not mean you are getting old it only happens when the pigments that gives the black colour of our hair stops producing it black color and give a grey appearance. It can happen in teens, children, youth as well as the adult but its more common among the older people.

Some of the common causes of grey hair and and the natural treatments includes;

1. Hereditary factor; On of the important factor that result to having gray hair at young or matured age is the fact it might be due to hereditary. The grey appearance experience in people may be hereditary. This means if the parent of a child have these grey hair naturally especially in their youthful age, there is tendency the individual will have a grey hair. People may think the person is old but its not so, its only an inherited factor that cause that.

2. Aging Fast: Another thing that makes people have grey hair is the fact that they are aging and they are not getting any younger. Not everybody will experience this but some people do. As you get older, you experience grey hair because the pigment producing the black color get weaker and weaker thereby resulting to gray hair.

3. Some Medical Condition: When an uncle of mine had stroke just for few weeks, he recovered but when i say him,he already grown grey all over his beards and hair. So, serious health problems like stroke, heart attack, accidents, disability and general body inactivity. Prolong medical condition which makes people stay longer in the hospital also cause grey hair in people.

4. Thinking Too Much: Thinking is also one of the fastest thing that causes grey hair in people. Worry can be a big issue if you are fond of it. It makes people look old suddenly and grey hair begins to come out all over the person. Worry over issues cause severe causes like hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problems etc.

5. Sudden Trauma : One of the things that cause gray hair in people in trauma. Trauma can be challenging at times because its happen so sudden even the person it happens to may not even know it will. For instance, death of a husband, death of wife, death of children, diseases, HIV, stroke and many things like death can make you grow out grey hair. 

Grey hair is not a disease, it does not harm the body in any way but cause a change in the look of an individual and people may think the person is old. The natural remedies for this grey hair is just that people take honey instead of sugar, eat more vitamins, eat more fruits and exercise their body often. Thanks for reading.

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