8 Foods That Can Cure Diabetes Naturally at Home Without Medication

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Is it possible to cure or reduce diabetes naturally at home without medications? This questions on diabetes was received not long ago and we have decided to make the response public in a post form which you are reading now. So, as you read on with this post, we will be discussing ideas on foods that can actually be used to cure diabetes but not as immediate as possible only with time.

In some of our previous health discussions, we have learn that it not every time one will go see a doctor whereas there are few things you can do to correct abnormalities in case of diseases or illness. Our health depends on what we eat, what we drink and how well we take care of our body.

We are not talking about using drugs or medications now but foods, veggies and simple herbs we found around us can actually help cure some illness or diseases without going to the hospital. It is called a natural approach to diseases cure without medications which diabetes is not an exemption.

If you have a friend, a colleague or family member that is diabetic, then this health article is good for you because I will sharing some ideas and food items that can help cure and prevent diabetes in people which means that such patient or person may not only use prescription drugs that cure diabetes but some food can also help as well.

Diabetes occurs when there is a problem or where there is interference in the operation of the insulin contents in the body. The body insulin is an organ that helps in breakdown and digestion of sugar in the body but when the body isn’t producing enough insulin then such person become diabetic. 

Symptoms of diabetes either diabetes type I or Type II in people include frequent urination, weakness, loss of weight, sugary urine, dizziness and blurred vision that is, the Iris experience some discomfort.  So, if you are diabetic or you have this high sugar contents in your blood (diabetes) either Diabetes type 1 or 11 , you need food items like;

1.  Eat Fiber Foods: One of the ways to treat or reduce diabetes naturally at home without medications is to eat more fibre foods. Fiber foods such as cucumber, garden egg, cabbage, Avocados, etc are foods that can cure diabetes. If you consult a doctor or a dietician on this, they will tell you that eating fiber foods are the best way to prevent and cure diabetes. Fiber foods do not contain sugar but only water and fibers; this makes it suitable as the best food items to cure diabetes.

2. Water:  The best food item in the world that can prevent or cure diabetes naturally from home without the use of drugs in people is to drink more water. Water is a universal solvent that aids digestion and it is very essential to the body for metabolism and digestion. Rather than drinking beer or alcohol which contains more sugar, I will recommend you drink water only and with time, the body insulin are correct and secreted at normal rate.

3.  Snail & Fish:  People with diabetes are free to eat snail and fish especially the dry fish. Snail and fish do not contain fat, sugar, oil and with time, these foods can be used to cure diabetes. They may not cook these foods with salt but served fresh. I notice a friend of mine was diagnosed of diabetes but as soon as we met a dietician who gave us a list of food that can be eaten by diabetic patient, I notice emphasizes were made on snail and fish and with time, the sugar level were corrected. 

4.  Taking Protein Foods: Protein foods like milk, soya beans, beans, cheese, wheat, all helps the body by repairing worn – out tissues and building the body as well. These foods do not contain sugar and fat but are recommended for people with diabetes 1 or 11 but cooked without salt and oil. Taking more protein rich foods will also help in development of organs and can also reduce excess sugar in the body without medications or drugs.

5. Recommended Unripe Fruits: Another food items that helps to cure diabetes from home without medications as well as preventing this sugar related disease is to eat unripe fruits. Unripe fruits of Pineapple, grape, oranges, pawpaw, plantain, banana etc are food that not only prevent diabetes but can cure it. If you remember that most herbal mixtures or medicines for diabetic people usually contains unripe fruits since most of these victims can’t eat fruits that are sweet but unripe one are better when it comes to curing diabetes.

6. Moringa Seeds: Moringa is the only plants I have know which gives energy without sugar. That is why people call Moringa seed or leave a wonder plant.  People who have used this plant do testify that Moringa seeds or leaf when consumed helps to cure diabetes naturally without use of medications.

7. Bitter Leaf; Bitter leaf soup in my own country is very delicious and one important thing you need to know about this vegetable is that it can cure diabetes. There was a time I was at the hospital and a patient was diagnosed of low sugar because this man has been eating vegetable leaf, juice, soup, plant etc  because this was consumed in excess, it then reduced the patient’s blood sugar from being normal to abnormal. So, you now see that this food or plant can cure diabetes when taking in the right proportion.

8. Water:  Water is a universal solvent which is required by body in large amount. instead of drinking juice or sugary, water is a better alternative for the treatment of diabetes.

The listed food items are very good and effective for people living with diabetes. Not only that, these foods also helped to cure diabetes of any type.  If you need cure for your diabetes, eat foods like snail, fish, proteins, grains, Bitter leaf, Moringa, water and fiber foods. Thanks for reading.

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  • diabetes isnt that easy to treat from home but i still believe all the ideas shared on this page will be helpful when it comes to preventing diabetes or slowing down the effect. thanks

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