Home Remedies for Constipation Without Seeing a Doctor

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Do we really need to see a doctor to treat cases of constipation? Like we’ve discussed in some of our previous health tips, it is possible to treat constipation issues at home without seeing a doctor using simple home treatments that works fine and fast. But as you read on with this post, you will discover various home remedies for constipation which works fast.

Constipation can be very terrible and risky to the health if an urgent solution is not administered immediately. Constipation is a condition whereby an individual experience trouble in emptying the bowels and in a simple language, i will describe this as a difficult way to pass out stool or gas out of the body.

What causes Constipation? Constipation is caused by lack of water in the digestive system, lack of water in stool and very slow digestive process. Constipation may be life threatening  but as you read on with this post, we will be providing various solutions and home remedies of constipation.

The phrase “Home Remedies” means home treatments, local treatments, free treatment or do-it-yourself treatments of a particular ailment but this time, am writing on home remedies to cure or prevents constipation. You don’t need to wait till it the condition get worse before finding remedies to it but with the tips below, am sure you will learn few things which will help change a situation.

The Home Remedies for Constipation without drugs or seeing a doctor includes; 

1. Drink Plenty of Water: You can still treat constipation at home without seeing a doctor by drinking more water. Constipation is caused by lack of water in the body system as well as in the digestive systems. If for one reasons or the other you are not drinking enough water or someone around you told you to drink less of water that it can make you fat then that is a big lie, if you continue with this, you may experience constipation. 

The digestive systems requires water for its operation and if you aren’t providing such, then you stand a chance of not only having constipation but also some kidney or liver diseases awaits. In order to avoid such terrible sickness, drink more water and over 5 glass cups of water per day is recommended for the body.

2. Eat Fiber Foods: Another home treatments or remedies for constipation without going to see a doctor is to imbibe the habit of eating more fiber foods daily. The function of fiber foods is to aids digestion and if you are not really eating some of these fiber foods then it may be too dangerous. Examples of fiber foods includes cucumber, garden egg, watermelon, pawpaw, apple, maize, wheat and many more.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables: To cure constipation at home or to prevent it from happening without drugs, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. I noticed that each time i eat any food rich in vegetables, the rate at which i visit the toilet is usually high and digestion rate is always on the increase. It means when you eat more fruits and vegetable, constipation will be very far from your body and digestion process will become smooth,

4. Take Vitamins Supplements: Just in case you don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables because the contain lot and lot of vitamins, you can make do with Vitamins supplements which i believe can be found in stores. Taking these supplements also cures constipation and at the same time, its the best prevention ever.

5. Increase Digestion Process : One of the ways to cure constipation at home without seeing a doctor is to do anything that can increase your body digestion rate. Digestion can be improved by exercising the body, eating vitamins, eating fiber foods, avoiding fatty foods and many more.

6. Exercise the Body: If you experience difficulty in passing out stool or gas from your body and its really causing lot of discomfort, then you need to do some exercise at home such which includes walking, speed walking, running, jogging, skipping, cycling and many more. If you do any of exercise, then you will experience immediate digestion and willingness to pass out waste from the body.

7. Eat Less of Fatty Foods: One of the home treatments, cure or prevention i notice from people when it concern constipation is to try as much as possible to eat less of fatty foods. Slow digestion rate results into constipation and one of the things that can cause slow digestion or indigestion is the presence of excess fats in food. It takes time to digest and may also result to more complicating issues like high cholesterol.

8. Eat less and Avoid Late Night Food : One of the main causes of constipation is indigestion which may result from late night food, eating too much than the body can digest and all these you need to avoid. After taking supper at night, you need to eat the food early enough to digest it before going to bed and you really do not need to overfeed yourself, this is one of the major causes of constipation and the home remedy for this is to eat early and as they say, prevention is better than cure.

In summary, Constipation leads to discomfort and at times may be life threatening. Just like i said earlier that prevention is better than cure and you will notice that the home remedies as the title indicate contains both home treatments and prevention as well. This is the best way to stay healthy. Thanks for reading.

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  • constipation is a general health issue but you must see your doctor when it becomes too complicated. some home remedy still works

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