How to Maintain Weight Loss After Fasting Without Going to See a Doctor

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If you are looking for information on how to maintain your weight after fasting, you have stumble-upon the right site because your will be getting free information on this as you read on with this post on fasting and weight loss, you may not need to see a doctor or pay for anything to get this done.

Weight Loss & Fasting: Fasting isn’t easy but you can use the opportunity of the weight loss during that period to remain fit and continue your life with a good shape which you require be it a man or a woman, young or old. But the big question is that ‘is it easy to maintain weight loss after fasting?

In the previous post, i explained different ways to lose weight during fasting and how possible it is for people to fast for weight loss. I titled this update as ” fasting for weight loss, is it Possible? So, if you have misses this post, you can check the link to read about that update which talks about different ways to lose weight during fasting.

The fasting period is gradually moving towards completion and i can see that some of my friends are really losing weight but the question is that “how do people maintain the weight that is been lost during the fasting period without consulting a doctor. This was the question i was asked by a friend and i am using this post to provide answers to the questions.

There is no doubt that people who are engaging the ongoing 30 days fasting are losing weight but for people who are very careful and want to maintain that weight, these are following things you can do to maintain weight loss due to fasting. It includes;

1.  Exercise: One of the ways you can maintain the weight loss due to fasting without going to see a doctor is to ensure you do more exercise like walking, running, skipping, jogging, yoga, cycling etc. These exercise will prevent or burn off excess calories in the body and even if you are not losing more weight but you will surely not gain any and the weight is maintained through this means. Doing this multiple times per week will help in shedding excess fat from the body.

2. Eat Less: Another way that can help maintain the body weight after fasting period is to ensure you don’t eat excessively but many people will even eat much more than what they consumed before the fasting starts and this will result to storage of too much calories in the body. Eating less means you need to avoid less of carbohydrate, oil, fats and many more. 

3. Eat More Fruits: I believe during the fasting period, you break by eating fruits like oranges,watermelon, pineapple, apple, etc which means you need not to stop consuming these fruits if you want to maintain the existing weight. One of the ways to maintain weight loss after fasting is to eat more fruits just as you did during the fasting. Fruits contains different vitamins that helps the body in break down of food particles to increase digestion and metabolism.

4. Eat More of Fiber foods: This is similar with what i explain earlier in (3) because most fibers are fruits and the beautiful thing here is that fibers helps to increase digestion, it does not contain sugar which means it helps contain the sugar contents in the body and it increases the body metabolism.

5. Avoid Excessive Fatty Foods: If you have lost so much weight during the fasting period, you can maintain the weight that was lost by avoiding excess fatty foods. Fatty foods are high calorie food like animal fat which increases the body cholesterol and it causes weight gain.

6. Maintain Balance diet: Just after fasting and you really like to keep you weight especially ladies, you need to continue by eating good balance diet and not excessive consumption of carbohydrate or fats. Eating balance diet is the best way to stay healthy even after fasting. You may not need to see the doctor or pay any amount of money for this, you can actually do this yourself.

7. Avoid Excess sugar: Another way to maintain weight loss after fasting without going to see a doctor is to avoid the intake of too much sugar, too much sugary drinks or sugary foods. Drinking too much soft drinks which contains sugar can also cause weight gain and if you want to lose weight, avoid sugars in any form. Not that you won’t eat sugar but in little quantity unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor to do so.

These are ways to maintain weight loss or reduced weight after completion of fasting. I believe after the 30 days fasting, people look slim and if you want to maintain such look then follow the tips explained above. Thanks for reading.

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