Is Fasting For Weight Loss a Good One?

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If you have stumbled upon this site on information relating to weight loss, you are on the right path because we provide useful information on how to lose weight without stress. 

But now, we will be looking at fasting and weight loss and I hope you will learn from this ideas. Fasting is good to some extent especially when done in moderation because it detox the body naturally where a lot of unwanted material leaves the body during the period of fasting.

Fasting works for detoxification and for weight loss, but the weight loss aspect doesn’t last long. 

These are some of the reasons why fasting to lose weight is not a good one. But in many part of the world, health expert believes fasting is very good to the body unless if you’ve been warned by a doctor not to do so based on some medical conditions but someone ask me this question “can fasting work for weight loss“? 

Do you know that fasting can help you lose weight fast in 2weeks or within 7days but can you maintain it? Fasting is a way to avoid food or water for a few period based on religious reasons and later break the fast with fruits in the evening but when we talk about using fasting to reduce weight, it might be a different thing.

The moment you are fasting especially the ongoing 30 days fasting now, you will notice a considerable reduction in weight during this period due to lack of food but after the fast, you eat as much as possible and gain the weight back. 

During fasting you burn fat seriously because you eat more vitamins, you eat more fiber fruits, you eat less whereas all these are what helps to lose weight. 

Now the question is “is fasting for weight loss achievable“? i will say yes but only on the condition that you will still maintain the weight through more eating of fiber foods after the fasting period, through more eating of fruits, by eating less just as you are doing during the fasting period and most importantly exercising your body by walking, speed walking, running, jogging, skipping and many more. 

All these help to lose weight just after the fasting and with this, i say it is possible to fast for weight loss.

But on the other hand, the possibility fasting to lose weight may not be possible or achieved only if you go back to the old ways of eating too much after the fasting, eating fatty foods, eating less of vitamins, eating less of fibers, no exercise and drinking too much soft drinks. All these after the fast will return your weight back to the old ways of excessive weight gain.

It means fasting to lose weight is possible its just that it depends on you to continue to manage your weight through exercising and dieting and may also not be possible if you won’t keep to the conditions i mentioned earlier but mind you that you will surely lose weight during fasting but how to maintain the weight loss depends on you. 

I believe i was able to give answer to the question above and also i gave suggestion on what can make fasting to lose weight a reality and also not becoming a reality, it depends on you to work on your body through exercising and dieting. Thanks for reading.

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