The Common Side Effect of Sleeping Pills to The Body of Both Young or Old

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I have decided to write on the danger side effects of having to sleep with sleeping tablets since many people believed that using a sleeping is good to get a good sound sleep but not really a good idea either you are a young fellow or older.

What are the Common Danger of Using Sleeping Pills in older or younger people?  I have noticed that many  young or older people cannot sleep naturally without taking sleeping pills but i see that many of those taking the sleeping pills really do not know the side effect of these pills on their health.

Some people will claim that the doctor recommend the sleeping pills for them to have a sound sleep while others just take these pills due to trauma, bad news or stress. As you read on with this post, we will be describing the dangers or side effect of sleeping people so as to learn, adjust and stay healthy.

Some of the dangers or let me call this “side effect of sleeping pills” like Valium and Librium includes;

1. Addiction: One of the dangers of sleeping pills we need to consider either in young or mature persons is addiction. Every addiction is a bad thing but when it comes to pills or drugs, then its can be very terrible. If you re fond of sleeping with a pill, then you stand a chance of getting addicted to these pills which means you won’t be able to sleep naturally without taking these pills. Addiction to sleeping pills is unhealthy to the body, it could cause kidney diseases or sometime slow death.

2. Drowsiness: There is something i learn t about addiction to sleeping pills recently, is that it causes drowsiness but if you sleep naturally by yourself, you wake up getting stronger, healthy, lighter and happier but when you use pills to sleep, you get tired after waking up and you will always want more sleep. I believe this will affect your performance at work, office, in business and many more. This kind of habit of sleeping with pills should stop or else, you experience drowsiness.

3. Sleeplessness: In (2) above, medications like sleeping pills are really bad and do not only cause drowsiness but sleeplessness. Some people’s body do not succumb to these pills and yet they won’t sleep instead they develop insomnia. And in other people, sleeping pills will get used to the body to the extent that the body won’t sleep without a sleeping pill and may result to health implications like Insomnia.

4. Headache
: Headache is also one of the side effect of using sleeping pills either you are young or old. If you hand slept naturally, you body won’t experience any set back or headache but when you are fond of using sleeping pills, the danger of these is Headache with great pains.

5. Stomach Pains: My sister also said that each time she uses sleeping pills to sleep, she will wake up having stomach pains and i believe one other friend of mine also complained about that. I see that stomach pains is also a side effect of sleeping pills but not for everybody.

6. Difficult Balancing: Another side effect i mentioned here is difficult in balancing which i believe is brought about due to drowsiness as a result of the pills taking before sleep or for sleeping. People who are used to these pills or sleep drugs usually have problem of balancing which is brought about by weakness in the body.

7. Insomnia: Insomnia is a disease caused by lack of sleep. Inability to sleep is often as a result of sleeping pills and when the insomnia is really on the bad side, it could result to mental disorders or serious medical attention.

8. Body Shaking: I learn that sleeping pills also make people to shake which i confirmed through a friend who uses these drugs regularly but i just have to ask him to discontinue the use of these drugs.

In Conclusion, the side effect explained above makes the body to be unhealthy and one of the ways to get rid of such dangers from happening to you is to avoid using these drugs to sleep. There are more natural ways that can help you sleep without sleeping pills. Thanks for reading.

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