5 Natural Ways to Reduce Indigestion and Bloating

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1. Don’t talk while eating

When you eat and speak at the same time, you tend to swallow a whole lot of air together with your food. These cause a build-up of trapped air in your stomach that can make you feel bloated and gassy after a meal. So avoid talking when eating to avoid indigestion

2. Stay away from fried, oily foods

Greasy and fatty food usually has two effects on the body. Because it’s hard to digest, it can linger in your stomach for a long time, which prolongs bloating and indigestion.

 3. Chew your food thoroughly

Digestion starts in your mouth and not in your stomach. Chewing your food breaks it down into smaller pieces where it gets mixed up with saliva. Saliva contains a digestive enzyme called amylase that helps to break down food even further.

4. Avoid Supper

Besides being bad for your waistline, eating too close to bedtime is also a sure recipe for indigestion and bloating.

5. Have a hot cup of tea

Wash down your lunch or dinner with soothing teas like chamomile and peppermint, which help reduce indigestion in their ways.

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