7 Amazing ways to Revive a Dying Relationship

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1.  Take a break but don’t say goodbye.

Don’t give up on your relationship yet when both you are still in love with each other, because as long as you both believe in love, there will always be a rainbow after every storm. Maybe you just need a break from each other before things come back to normal. By doing this you are trying to revive your dying relationship  

2. Don’t let other people make decisions.

You have to remember that it is you and only you who should make the final or ultimate decision. You should always remember that your thoughts and feelings should be the basis for every choice that you make. By doing this you are trying to revive your dying relationship  

3. Forgive and Forgo the past 

To forgive is to disengage from the anger, animosity, and bitterness holding you back from the progress with your partner. Forgo the negative emotions keeping you from true forgiveness. Remind yourself that whatever happened, happened and that there is no reason to drag the past into your future. 

4. Stop hurting each other more.

Remember that you’re in this dangerous stage and one wrong move can ruin all your effort of trying to save your dying relationship. Be sensitive, sensible and careful not to hurt each other more.

5. Consider spending time apart.

When it’s that bad for you in your relationship, you can try to consider this option of being physically away from each other. Sometimes distance will remind/recall you of the things that you have taken for granted. Distance will also make you realize what it would feel like to live a life without them.

6. Be kind to each other.

Kindness can do a lot especially if you’re trying to revive a dying relationship. Realize that both of you have been hurt and the best way to support each other is to just be kind and be gentle. Let kindness comfort your soul and slowly heal your broken hearts.

7. Do something special together

Perhaps you two have a favorite restaurant you haven’t visited in ages, or you can return to the place where you first fell in love? Being in a physical space where you have powerful memories of strong attachment can reignite passion.  By doing this you are trying to revive your dying relationship  

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