7 Red Flags That Prove Your Partner Will Never Make You A Priority

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There are just a lot of selfish people in this world, and that’s just unfortunate. And you have to be very careful not to end up in a relationship with an excessively selfish person. There is only no room for overt selfishness in any kind of healthy relationship at all.

And you have to be extra careful because selfish people tend to be very ruthless and resilient in the pursuit of the things that they want. They might lead you to believe that they’re genuinely in love with you and that they want a relationship with you, but the truth is that they are more concerned about their personal needs and desires. They don’t care about what you need out of them or the relationship. They only ever care about what they can squeeze out of you.

And when you do happen to be unfortunate enough to find yourself in a relationship with a selfish person, you will start to feel empty and unfulfilled. You were always led to believe that love was going to bring you lots of joy and meaning in life; but somehow, your relationship is leaving you feeling drained and abused.

And it’s all because you’re in a relationship with someone who is just not going to consider you a priority in life. This is someone who is just too preoccupied with their own needs to cater to yours as well.

Now, you have to understand that this is not a unique scenario. There are plenty of people who have been duped and seduced into a relationship with so many selfish individuals. And you need to be able to address selfish behavior right away in a relationship. If not, then you just allow yourself to be abused and used throughout your romance continually.

1. They never ask you about your needs in the relationship.

They never really take the initiative to ask you about how you feel about the state of your relationship. They don’t ask if you’re happy or if you’re contented. They don’t take the initiative to ask you if your needs and expectations are being met.

2. They don’t make you feel like they listen to you.

And whenever you’re the one who tries to communicate your needs in the relationship, they never really make you feel like they’re paying you any mind. They might nod. They might say yes or no here and there. But they aren’t listening.

3. They try to control every aspect of your life.

They are going to try to manage your life in ways that you won’t be comfortable with. They will always want to get their way with you, and they won’t have any regard for your feelings and sentiments about the matter. They just want to do what they want to do.

4. They cancel on you all the time.

They have no problems with hurting your feelings by canceling on you. The truth is that there are plenty of other things that they would instead do with their time – and it’s precisely because they don’t consider you to be a priority.

5. They only ever spend time with you when it’s convenient.

The only quality time that you ever spend together is when it’s convenient for them to do so. But they would never really go out of their way just to spend time with you. They wouldn’t try to carve valuable time for you out of their busy schedules.

6. They don’t honor their promises to you.

They keep on telling you that they’re going to change their ways for you – but they just keep on disappointing you. And it’s because they don’t think it important to keep their promises to you. You just aren’t a priority at all for them.

7. They don’t specially treat special occasions and dates.

Birthdays? Anniversaries? Holidays? Nope. They’re just like any other day for this person. They don’t care that these days have meaning to you. They don’t care that these dates are important to you.

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