8 Bad Habits That Are Keeping You Single

Written by Azeemen

1. You fail to show initiative.

You must show initiative in your romantic life. You can’t just always be sitting around waiting for love to fall right into your lap. You need to go out and make things happen. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t make the first move. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

2. You chase after the emotionally unavailable guys.

Learn to choose better men. You don’t want to be chasing after emotionally unavailable men. Being in a relationship with them is practically turning right into a dead end. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

3. You compare everyone to your ex-lovers.

Stop with all the comparisons. When you date a new guy, take him for who he is. Everyone is unique, and we all bring different things to the table. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

4. You act fake and insincere.

No one ever likes being around a fake person. You might feel like you need to fake a few things out if you want to impress a guy. But ultimately, the truth is going to come out. And your insincerity and dishonesty are not going to look good on you. A guy is always going to want to be around a girl he can trust. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

5. You show up late, or you cancel on plans.

You can’t expect a guy to be taking you seriously if you’re going to show up late every time to date or if you’re going to cancel on him a lot. Remember that these commitments that you make to him can say a lot about your character. And the failure to fulfill these commitments could result in the breaking of trust. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

6. You act too controlling of people and situations.

When you are a single lady, it’s easy always to crave control of everything that happens to your life. However, getting into a relationship means having to face a completely different animal. You’re going to have to show a willingness to relinquish some control to accommodate this new person in your life. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

7. You feign disinterest in prospective romantic interests.

You might think that playing hard to get would be an excellent strategy for you to win a guy over, but this is a long-debunked myth. The quickest way to get a guy to quit on you would be to make him feel like he doesn’t have a chance at getting with you. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

8. You don’t try to meet him halfway.

And of course, you need to be able to show him that you’re willing to meet him halfway too. You have to be able to prove to him that you’re not selfish; that you are eager to put forth the effort that is necessary to make things work between the two of you. You have to show him that you’re in it just as much as he is. Here are habit that Are Keeping You Single

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