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What is Teamtrees?

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What is TeamTrees?

Team trees is a global crowdfunding project to raise 20 million dollars to plant 20million trees to combat global climate change.

The trend started by Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known by his online alias MrBeast, who is an American YouTuber. 

Famous billionaires like Elon Musk, Tobi Lutke, Jack Dorsey, the Ceo of Youtube Susan Wojcicki, and others have donated to the course, and more are giving to this record-breaking project.



Will Planting 20million trees work? 

Sure it will make a substantial global impact if this crowdfunding can plant 20million trees.

What species are going to be planted by #TeamTrees?

The Arbor Day Foundation always emphasizes planting native species where local conditions and forest plans allow. Their motto is to plant the right trees in the right place, for the right reasons.


How can I donate to #TeamTrees?

Visit https://www.teamtrees.org/ to donate to the cause now.

When will the trees be planted?

Trees will be planted throughout the year starting in January of 2020 and completed no later than December 2022. 

Where are the trees being planted?

Due to the sheer volume of trees planted (20 million), they will be planted in a variety of forests on public and private lands in areas of great need. Many of these forests will be state and national forests managed by government agencies. The goal is to plant trees on every continent, not named Antarctica! Click here to see a list of the Arbor Day Foundation’s previous work around the globe.

How do I get in touch with #TeamTrees?

If you have questions about your donation, contact [email protected]. For media inquiries, contact [email protected]. For everything else, email [email protected].

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