12 Ways To Manipulate Him Into Obsessing Over You

Ways To Manipulate Him Into Obsessing Over You
Written by Azeemen

Okay, to set things straight: you don’t want a stalker for yourself. That’s not fun, and it could potentially be dangerous. But whenever you develop a particular romantic interest for a guy, you also want him to obsess over you in a healthy amount.

You have feelings for him, and you want him to be able to reciprocate those feelings for you as well. You want him to obsess over you in the sense that he can’t stop thinking about you and the life that you could be sharing in love. You want someone who is going to pore over every single detail of your life to show a greater appreciation for who you are.

You want someone who makes you feel valued and vital, someone who is going to make you feel like you are loved. And all kinds of love come with a slight obsession.

And a lot of the time, it doesn’t come by accident. You have to put yourself out there if you want him to love and obsess over you the way that you want him to.

There are a few things that you need to do; a few tricks that you need to have up your sleeve if you want him to fall head over heels for you. And if you’re going to know about these tricks, then you need to read along until the very end of this article.

1. Make him wait a little bit before you reply to his texts.

You don’t want him to think that you’ve been waiting on your phone the whole time just waiting for him to text you. It would seem too overeager. But you also don’t want him to think that you’re playing games with him by deliberately making him wait for so long before you reply to him. Moderation is key.

2. Make sure that you’re smart enough to make yourself memorable.

You don’t necessarily have to have a doctorate. You don’t need to be a published bestselling author. But if you show him that you’ve got substance underneath all of those good looks, he’s going to love that.

3. Be a darling to his closest friends.

Show him that you’re not just kind to him, but that you’re sweet to anyone you meet. And let him know that integrating yourself into his social life won’t be a problem.

4. Exude self-love and confidence at all times.

If you love yourself, you are giving him one more reason to love you. You are showing him just how lovable a person you are. Be confident about who you are.


5. Choose your battles wisely.

You don’t have to fight him on everything. Yes, you can have disagreements. But some fights are just not worth having – it could drive you two further apart.

6. Put in as much effort into the relationship as he is.

You don’t want him to be doing all of the work. You don’t want him to think that you’re disinterested or distant. You might be turning him off to the idea of pursuing you if you don’t throw him a bone every once in a while. Show him that you’re willing to work for the relationship too.

7. Don’t try being anyone you’re not.

If you try to be something that you’re not just to impress him, it’s going to backfire on you. Men are generally very good at telling when women are acting fake around them.

8. Be honest and upfront about what you feel and think.

A man always appreciates genuine honesty. He would never react nicely to being made a fool of. So keep things open and honest with him.


9. Encourage him to be his person.

Sometimes, one of the best ways to get a man to obsess over you is to encourage him to live a life without you. You have to give him room to breathe and be his own man. If you give in to his obsessive desires to always be around one another, you might end up suffocating each other. And you don’t want that for yourselves. A little space and individuality are still healthy.

10. Be flirty, but also classy.

You want to be flirty with him. But you also have to make sure that you’re keeping things classy. You don’t want to be too sleazy or desperate. You want to show him that you’re interested, but you don’t want him to think that you’re needy either.

11. Show up for him whenever he needs you.

12. Be genuinely kind to him.

There is nothing that is going to be more attractive in another person than kindness. And if you are kind to him, he will always become more and more attached to you and the idea of actually being with you. So always make it a point to be kind to him.

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