7 Early Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Written by Don Drey

1. Your partner explodes in anger often

“An explosive, impulsive, and intimidating interactional style may warn of domestic violence tendencies. When expression of anger and aggression are in response to intolerance to differing opinions, thoughts, beliefs, or points of view, this is a warning sign of possible domestic violence tendencies.” Here are early sign of Abusive Relationship

2. You’re always wrong in every situation

Relationships are all about compromise. When disagreeing, sometimes you will be right and other times your partner will be right. But if your partner tries to convince you that you are wrong all of the time, it’s often in an attempt to gain power and control over you and cause you to doubt yourself. “A lack of personal responsibility is a key factor in domestic violence, “A lack of insight and personal awareness is often an underlying issue, yet sometimes the abuser is acutely aware of the tactics being used. Here are early sign of Abusive Relationship

3. Your partner tries to alienate you from loved ones

If your partner always seems to have a say in which close family and friends you see, how often, and for how long, this is an attempt to gain control and power over you. “Abusers often gain control in the relationship by cutting off the victim’s friendships and outside relationships, “Sadly, the abused person often becomes so embarrassed that she or he will self-isolate to keep friends and family from learning about the destructive nature of the relationship.”

4. Controlling Behavior

He interrogates you intensely about who you talked to and where you were, checks the mileage on the car, keeps all the money or asks for receipts, and insists you ask for permission to go anywhere or do anything. Here are early sign of Abusive Relationship

5. Ignoring you in a time of need

One popular form of manipulation that occurs in abusive relationships is when one partner ignores the other or gives them the silent treatment when that partner is in need, explains Paulette. A relationship is abusive when you are in pain or need your partner and they act apathetic and ignore your requests as if they don’t matter. Here are early sign of Abusive Relationship

6. You’re fearful of leaving the relationship

If your partner makes it difficult for you to imagine leaving the relationship because you worry that he or she will hurt themselves, it’s a warning sign of abuse. “Watch out for such statements, as they are manipulative and meant to draw on your sympathy,“Remind yourself that this individual will be able to survive without you, this is the time to be selfish.” Here are early sign of Abusive Relationship

7. Not saying sorry

If every single time you argue, your partner refuses to apologize or thinks he or she is in the right, don’t immediately consider yourself always wrong. This type of behavior is borderline abusive, experts say. “It is very one-sided, and it won’t change because the abusive partner refuses to grow or be introspective about what he or she can work on. “You are always wrong and they are right, whether you agree with it or not, regardless of whether the facts support it.

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