7 Signs to Know If You Can Trust Him

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How do you know you can tr*st him? Have you ever trusted a man too quickly and ended up disappointed? Here are seven tips to check before investing yourself in a new relationship as well as all the answers you need to the question, how do you know you can trust him?

1. Study the past

Ask him about past relationships. Not on the first date of course. After few months of dating someone ask him why his previous relationship ended? Or why all his relationships failed? An answer itself will indicate how much you can trust him moving forward.

2. Conversations

If he constantly avoids talking about tough topics, how are you going to totally trust him?

3. Take time

Spend significant time (at least 6 months) with him. Time tells you everything you need to know about him. Every person has an angel and a demon inside. Don’t totally invest yourself until you have seen the demon side of him. Take more time to study him, to know whether you can trust him or not

4. Look at his platonic relationships

Don’t look only on the romantic side of him. Watch how he treats his friends, family, mother. This will give you very good answer to how he will treat you in the future.

5. The Judgemental side of him

If you share something about you that is less than perfect, pay attention to how he is going to judge you?! If he has a critical view of those impurities you may have in your life, how are you going to be yourself around him?

6. Trust

He is able to trust you. But trust is a two-way street. Have you earned his tr*st yet? Also, ask yourself if he can trust you in a relationship. A man is never going to open up to you if he doesn’t trust you.

7. Instinct

Don’t be afraid to believe your instincts about the person

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