7 Things That All Women Want In A Relationship

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1. Time

You need to be able to give her enough time. You might think that she wants your money and so that’s an excuse for you to be spending all of your time at work. But most women are not after money, they just need your time and love.  Here is what all women want in a relationship

2. To Feel Safe

There is a war being waged on women’s self-esteem, sexuality, and safety from a very young age.

Because of the barrage of dis empowering messages being sent to women regarding their sexuality, women need to have a safe space where they feel that they can trust their partners.

She wants to trust your strength. She wants to feel like you can handle whatever she shows you. Here is what all women want in a relationship

3. Respect

She is a human being and she carries herself with grace and dignity. And that’s why you must always make it a point to treat her with respect. You must always make sure that she never feels like she is being treated any less than she is. Respect is something that is earned, that’s for sure. And you have to know that there can be no genuine love between two people who don’t respect one another. Here is what all women want in a relationship

4. Gratitude

Always show your gratitude to her. You never want her to feel like you don’t appreciate her efforts or everything that she does for your relationship. You always want to do your part in making her feel valued and appreciated. Express your gratitude for everything that she does and everything that she is for you.

5. To Feel Loved

When women feel loved, they relax and open to us. The arguments dissipate, the sex is abundant, and their nurturing feminine energy flows throughout our lives.

Not feeling loved is the subtext of every argument that you and your partner have.

If she is unhappy that you are going out with your friends, or she’s upset about her day at work, or she is only responding to you with brief snippets of sentences, then the cause is most likely her not feeling loved enough. Here is what all women want in a relationship

6. Patience To Understand

Women can be complex and confusing creatures of what I like to call ‘Mis-habit’—it’s not exactly a habit as much as it’s a pattern that women will ever so often deviate from, mostly if and when they’re afraid, or upset but don’t know how to show it. And heart of heart, women know this. We know how we sometimes lead you on, confuse you, push you away and then pull you back in, all the while trying not to do any of it. All they want is for you to be patient in your understanding of them. Here is what all women want in a relationship

7. Constant Communication 

We may have different means of communication some talk, others listen, yet others find ways to communicate without really saying much. The point is that you get the point across and do so before it’s too late. And there is always such a thing as too little, too late. While relationships and connections are all about the timing in two people’s lives, it doesn’t take too long for that time to pass you by and then, you’re left crying at a chance lost out. Communication is the difference between ‘What if’ and ‘Hell yeah’! Figure out a way to say all that you’ve got to and do it at the moment before it’s lost. Here is what all women want in a relationship

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