25 True Relationship Rules To Live by This 2020

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Written by Ghost

Rule #1: If I say “yes” to you, it’s going to be definitive. There is going to be no looking back. I will hold your hand until the end of my days.

Rule #2: Distance has the power to break the strongest of bonds. Don’t let it break yours.

Rule #3: Trust cannot be bought; trust is gained and earned. If someone trusts you with their life, take care of that with your life.

Rule #4: Whenever I see you smile, it’s as if all of my life’s worries magically fade away.

Rule #5: It’s not going to be easy, but it’s better than living a lie, over and over again.

Rule #6: Let’s not lie. If you grow out of love with me, tell me, and I’ll respect it.

Rule #7: I knew you were THE ONE when you made me laugh when I wanted to cry.

Rule #8: Do you know what I love about you? The fact that I can be completely weird with you and you’d only love me more for it.

Rule #9: Learning the truth may hurt you, but it will be better than staying in the dark.

Rule #10: What makes a happy marriage? Two people are looking to build their future and not mulling over the past.

Rule #11: Life Goal: Create a marriage that feels like your safe-haven.

Rule #12: A marriage should not feel like a task. Let loose, learn with each other, and help each other grow.

Rule #13: Let go of things like pride and ego. They only damage your emotional bonds and cloud your judgment.

Rule #14: Being single does not mean you don’t have feelings. It means you love yourself enough to wait for the person who would appreciate you.

Rule #15: Stop looking for the right person, be the right person.

Rule #16: You don’t have to meet anyone’s standards to be happy. All you need is yourself.

Rule #17: Your flaws are what make you unique. Never hate your weaknesses.

Rule #18: Love yourself, accept yourself, be happy, and content with yourself. Because you are enough for yourself.

Rule #19: It’s much better to be single and happy rather than in a relationship and depressed.

Rule #20: Your partner should be just that – a partner. They should be your life partner, your business partner, your romantic partner, everything.

Rule #21: Arguments are a normal part of every relationship, as long as you know when to stop and start fixing things.

Rule #22: A relationship is supposed to groom your passions and fuel your dreams, not suffocate you.

Rule #23: Above all else, respect is a two-way street in love and life. Be kind and courteous, and experience will be more comfortable with you.

Rule #24: I truly appreciate any individual who spends even mere second thinking about my well-being.

Rule #25: Make sure 2020 is a good year for love and romance. Please bring back the dates, bring back the little things, let’s make romantic a thing again!

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