7 Things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I already see people preparing for it, to make it as perfect as they can. It frazzles me; I’m not one who’s with the concept that you should give one day more important than the rest of the year all because society has made it that way.

The organization has set an impossible set of standards for Valentine’s Day; people usually harm themselves in the process of trying to live up to those expectations.

Here are seven things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day. Let’s begin.

1. Complain about how you’re single.

You, my friend, need to take a breath. There is absolutely no point in going around grumbling about the fact that you, like countless others, are single. Yes, it sucks to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but when you break it down, you aren’t that alone. First off, you’re joined by the million others who don’t have a special someone with whom to share this holiday, which rivals New Year’s Eve in providing us with nothing but disappointment and loneliness. Second, at least you’ve got yourself. There are so many positives of being alone, including not having to shave your legs and being able to drink an entire bottle of wine without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. And if you’re that lonely, get on Tinder and find the thousands of other singles in your area looking for some love.

2. Brag about how you’re in a relationship.

Most people who have two eyes and a working conscience can see from your constant social media activity that you are in a loving, serious, committed relationship. Now, that’s just great for you, but I don’t need you to continually remind me of your eternal happiness on the one day of the year when my being single feels a lot like rubbing salt in the wound. Having to double tap your Valentine’s Day Instagram, solely in the hopes that maybe you’ll return the favor when I post a pathetic picture of my footie pajamas and chamomile tea later in the night, seems like enough gratification for your relationship. Please don’t make me coo over your adorable dinner reservations when I’ll be eating my sixth Lean Cuisine of the week.

3. Go on a blind date.

As if Valentine’s Day isn’t already tainted by foul memories of your grade school crush, not giving you a unique, handmade card that professed his love for you during the classroom swap, you don’t need to go on an inevitably shitty blind date on Valentine’s Day. Let’s be real for a second: blind dates end in disaster or disappointment like ninety-nine percent of the time. You get dressed up in some new top that you probably bought in the hopes of making yourself feel better with a little retail therapy, teeter in life-threatening high heels, and go to dinner at a restaurant where the food isn’t that good because your date didn’t want to spend too much money on you, as he is unsure of how hot you are. You’re better off spending the night cooking macaroni and cheese for yourself and drinking Franzia than going on a blind date.

4. Don’t make it more important than the relationship

Some people make Valentine’s Day more important than the rest of the year, which means they make it more important than the relationship itself. It’s just one day, make it unique, don’t give that one day more important than the rest of the year. Sure, you can go out of your way to make it as unique as you want it to be, but as long as it doesn’t become more important than the relationship itself.

5. Don’t be someone else that day

Some people get incredibly romantic on Valentine’s Day and then go back to being their usual selves as soon as it’s over because they want to live up to that day and not to their egos and their personalities. Be yourself on Valentine’s Day, be the person you are, and will always be, don’t try to be more than you are, don’t try to do more than you already do, don’t change for one day.

6. Don’t stress yourself out

Okay so you want to make sure it’s a special day for the two of you, that’s understandable, don’t stress yourself out in the process. Some people plan their “special day” months before it happens, and they slowly keep stressing themselves out in the process. It’s supposed to be a romantic day, keep it that way. Don’t forget your happiness in the process of making that day more perfect than ever.

7. Drink (heavily).

We all know that you can’t count on both hands the number of questionable decisions you’ve made after one too many pulls of cheap vodka. On a day like Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to compromise your situation any more than just existing on a day like today. Don’t drink to forget your misery, whether you’re perpetually single or dating a frat boy who can’t tell the difference between a chilled Keystone Light and the cold, cold exterior of your un-held hand. Sure, have a glass of wine, or six, within the comfort of your own home and go to bed by 9:00 p.m. on your couch. But don’t take twelve shots of Tito’s before midnight and find yourself sobbing on the cold, hard ground of a club bathroom.

Question of the day

Are you with or against Valentine’s Day? If you’re against it, why? Leave your answers in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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