11 Sweet Tips on How to Make Someone Love you again.

1. Understand What Went Wrong

You will be not be seeking someone’s love again if you have never broken-up with that individual. Something went wrong, and you had to walk away, taking different paths. Since there was a discord in your relationship, you need to first invest time in understanding what went wrong. [Read: 8 Brutal ways to make him/her regret their moves]

2.  Show That You Care

Do things that will make the other person feel and eventually realize that you genuinely care for him/her. Does she not have a winter jacket? Lend her yours. Does he need some help in baking? Help him out. Caring for someone is perhaps the best way of indicating that you love that individual. [Read: 9 signs your husband is no longer in love with you]

3. Express Your Interest To Rekindle Your Love

If you don’t see any signs of your EX talking about working on a relationship again, then you take the initiative. It may seem a bit awkward, but you have done everything by this point to delicately share across the end that you love him/her. [Read: 9 signs your boyfriend is not over his ex]

4.  Figure Out Why You Want That Person Again

You need to be clear why you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again. You need to have a list of coherent reasons that should be convincing enough for you to initiate things once again. It is also an excellent time to re-analyze why you fell for that person in the first place, and why did he/she loves you. [Read: 9 simple steps to stop things to be bothering you]

5. Accept Your Mistakes And Show You Have Changed

Improve yourself and promise you will be a better person. You have to give your best this time since you may never get a third chance or the option of ‘how to make someone fall in love with you again.’[Read: 8 ways to deal with a jealous girlfriend]

6. Put Your Best Version Forward

Pull out the best of you and present it to that person. Wear your best clothes when you go out to meet that person. Be everything that the person loved about you, and be everything that he/she expected you to be. That person is surely going to notice that, and it might just work in your favor. It’s not just about how fast a person can fall in love, it’s about how stable a person you can be when you’re giving your best always. [Read: 10 Things guys do after a breakup

7. Make Casual References Of Past Happy Memories

It is from this point onwards that you should start unleashing your mojo and use all your skills to you’ve got on how to make someone fall in love with you again. Keep conversations neutral in the first meeting, but at the same time, try making some subtle references about happy experiences you shared. [Read: 9 ways to make him realize your importance]

8. Do Things That Entice

In other words, flirt with that person. Gently tap him on his shoulder the next time you want to beckon him. Lean towards her the next time she is talking to you. Showing some flirtatious signs of bonhomie is a great way to attract that person towards you. Guess by this step, the person would have developed a fair idea that you are interested in having a relationship again.

9. Prepare Yourself Well

Preparation is key to your want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again. If that individual is available, then begin your preparation for making him/her fall in love with you again. Bring all the changes in your life, personality, and lifestyle that will entice him/her. Maintain a mental note of all the things about you that person disliked or found unappealing. Make it a point to not do those things even involuntarily in front of that person.

10. Follow-Up

A single meeting is not going to take you very far, so you should maintain that perseverance and ask that person out again. Make sure you maintain a decent time distance between your outings. Every weekend will get too much, and once it is a month is too little. Keep it an alternative weekend. That way, you will give some breathing space to each other and, at the same time, make him/her look forward to meeting you.

11. Be Positive And Start Afresh

Start anew. Remember to make it a point never to point anything from the first fling together. It will eventually lead you down the same path as first one. Instead, treat it like a new relationship and give it your undivided attention and commitment.

We are pretty positive that the above mentioned 17 steps on how to make someone fall in love with you again can help you make someone fall in love with you once again. Do give them a try. All the best!

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