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5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Built To Last Forever

1. You always feel comfortable and safe whenever you’re together.

You never feel unsafe or attacked whenever the two of you spend time together. You are always feeling safe and comfortable whenever the two of you are in each other’s presence which signifies that you are in a true relationship. If you have this kind of passion/desire, your relationship tends to last forever 

2. You respect each other.

This is a biggie. For a relationship to be healthy and long-lasting, each partner must have respect for the other. They must respect each other’s opinions, their time, their work, their ideas, and their thoughts.

3. You know how to overcome differences and disagreements.

You might not always see eye to eye on everything in life. But that doesn’t carry much weight into the dynamics of your relationship. Somehow, the two of you are always able to find a way to come together in spite of your differences and disagreements.

4. You can make each other laugh.

Laughter has such a positive impact on a person’s well-being. It relieves feelings of loneliness and depression, increases happiness, reduces stress, and boosts the body’s immune function. It also bonds people together and fosters connectivity. Your relationship tends to last forever 

5. You are both in control.

This goes two ways. In a lasting relationship, both partners feel like they have equal control over their romance. No one dominates the partnership, and each has an equal say about important decisions.

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