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10 Cool Reasons Why You Should Date a Dancer

Reasons Why You Should Date a Dancer

Dance really inspires passion. Being a dancer needs many amazing qualities that make them stand in the crowd. So, if you have any dancer that has caught your eye, go ahead and date one, right away…

They are Ambitious

Dancers have high goals, are hardworking, and know what it takes to achieve things, having made many sacrifices to reach their goals. They’re the most inspiring people around, and will not only help you stay focused on your goals but motivate and even push you towards them. In short, they’ll keep you on your toes.

They are Flexible

Being flexible, both mentally and physically, can come in handy. Due to their ability to handle a highly packed schedule, dancers can balance friends, family, rehearsals, camps, and internships while making time for you. They’ll always somehow make time for everything, and manage to get everything on their lists done in no time! On the physical front, do I need to say more?

If You are Weird, They are Weirder

What’s more strange and funnier than walking down the street with your date, and they suddenly break into dancing to the background’s random song, and you get pulled in? Even if dancers are shy people, they are quite confident in their moves. So, be reassured, you won’t have a single dull moment with a dancer.

They are Attentive

A study performed at the University of California at Santa Barbara found that a strong connection exists between learning dance routines physically and observation.’ Dancers are really good observers, have a great memory, and pay more attention to the smallest details. Now you don’t have to worry about your loved one forgetting an important date.

They are Patient

It takes a lot of patience to learn dance steps and perform in sync with a team. Dancers know how to deal with all kinds of people at any given time of day.

You’ll Start Appreciating Art.

A rockstar’s former girlfriend was once quoted as saying how she started appreciating opera, ballet, and art when she was dating him. It’s the same with a dancer. They will introduce you to the amazing world of arts and help you discover so much. You’ll realize how much you enjoy watching ballet, dance shows, gallery openings, plays, and musicals, and appreciate art like never before.

They’ll Make You Want to Be Fit.

Dancers are incredibly fit. Dance is similar to exercise routines and works wonders on the abs, legs, and hips muscles. So, when you are around them, you’ll want to be as fit as them. Result: you’ll eat healthier and get more exercise.

They are Happy People

Dance is commonly used as a stress reliever due to its therapeutic nature. No wonder that those people who dance for a living are not only less stressed, but also happier. Who wouldn’t want a lover who can cheer you up when you need a major mood lift?

They Have a High Endurance Level

Dance doubles as an aerobic exercise and requires high stamina and endurance level, two things you need for other vigorous activities. Wink wink…

They are Perfectionists

Whether it is a dance sequence or organizing a trip with you, you can always count on a dancer to chalk out and perfect every plan’s detail. Things they plan WILL go perfectly.

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