5 Ways On How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

1. Eat the right things

Consuming the vitamins and minerals your heart needs provides the foundation for a healthy heart. Foods that support heart health by reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation include: Oats and barley, Fatty fish, Dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, Beets, Avocados, Olive oil, Legumes, Low-fat dairy 

2. Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep puts you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Having little sleep changes the way our body functions and can affect blood pressure. Make sure to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night, and you’ll be on track for supporting better heart health. 

3. Exercise daily

 Three types of exercise are vital to heart-healthy rate: aerobic, resistance, and flexibility (think running, strength training, and yoga, for example). By varying the type of exercises that are performed every day, you can strengthen and train the heart in different ways. Get a minimum of 30 minutes a day of movement to get your heart pumping.

 4. Stop smoking

 Smoking is harmful to heart health, and it causes many diseases in the body. In the U.S. alone, smoking kills the equivalent of three crashed jumbo jets every day in your body system. simply quitting smoking or avoiding it altogether, you’re saving your heart from almost inevitable complications.

5. Manage stress

 We all have busy lives, and stress is inevitable. While we can’t avoid it entirely, we can make attempts to manage stress in a healthy way. 

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