7 Behavior to Adopt to be More Attractive to Your Crush

Behavior to Adopt to be More Attractive to Your Crush

1. Dress Nice

There are different types of body shapes, so Understanding out your body type will help you determine what kinds of clothes suits and look best on you, narrowing down your search and making your body look more attractive to people and your crush

2. Take care of yourself. 

People who take care of themselves are more attractive because they emanate self-discipline. Exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods make your skin glow, and it makes you more attractive. 

3. Be Submissive

Be submissive to everyone, don’t be too proud of your self; by doing this, its make you more attractive to people around you and your crush

4. Be Intelligent

No man will definitely want a woman that cannot flex her mental muscles.

5. Smell nice

Use good deodorant for your body to eradicate body odor 

6. Smile as often as possible. 

Smiling is a simple way to transform the energy you give off to others ultimately. By giving a smile, you will look more approachable, and you’ll even feel happier. 

7. Practice good Body posture

The way you walk tells other people a lot about how you feel, so make sure you’re communicating spirit. Avoid looking down when you’re standing or walking around and hold your head high. If seated, sit up tall with your shoulders back and relaxed.

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