9 Things You Need to Know Before Dating an Only Child

Things You Need to Know Before Dating an Only Child

Ummm…you in love with an only child? OMG! Seriously! Buddy, think twice! Relax, I was kidding. Dating an only child isn’t that a big problem, but my dear friend, you need to buckle up for what’s coming. Being an only child, I know it’s pretty difficult to date us, but you see, we have our own charm to mesmerize you. You will find a few of our kind *wink wink*.

Love is unique in itself, but it surprises you when you fall for an only child. Well, that is a crazy ride, but definitely a journey where you will get both an annoying and loving partner. Like everything else, there are pros and cons to dating an only child.

But that is what life is all about, isn’t it? Nothing is happy to go lucky, but rather a rollercoaster ride that amazes everyone.


Parents Are Our Best Friends

We seem to share a very close bond with our parents. We can talk almost anything with them; there is no fear of being judged or misunderstood. They know all our less important secrets (not those which will land us in trouble), but yes, they know stuff that makes us weep too, I think parents must have got an entire list, and they make sure we don’t get hurt. So, yes, along with your love, you will get protective in-laws. (Note: We love our folks, so will definitely love yours.)

We Want To Be Doted On

We have strong desires to be loved, adored, admired, and appreciated. And we always have this urge because our parents made us the center of their world. As we grow, we carry this urge into every relationship, whether it’s friendship or dating. We need time to adjust to the fact that it’s okay when we are not the center of all the discussions, and our beloved has other things to worry about. (Note: Give us time and we can be that balanced partner, but never neglect us on big moments.)

Imagination is Our Beast Friend

We reserve space known as “me time.” At this time, we do lots of stuff inside our heads. We use it for experimenting with loony ideas, yet sometimes, we end up in unnecessary worries. Alone time never bothers us. Instead, we use our solitude to charge our spirits with high energy. We love spending time with others, but don’t feel huffy, for we tend to retreat into our shells from time to time. (Note: Love us unconditionally, and please bear with us for you have got creative jewels.)

We Love To Be Self Reliant

This a very common trait found in an only child. So when you date us, get used to the sentence “I got it.” We love to be independent and self-sufficient. Since childhood, we had no siblings to rely on. We had stood for ourselves when blame was hurled on us, and we accepted the situation. (Note: We may get sucked up and stuck in our own world. So, please bear with us.)

We Are  The Loyal Partners

We are the most committed and fiercely, trustworthy partners. In both friendship and love, we put in a lot of effort and invest with care, affection, and time. (Note: We can give you a lot of attention and pamper you with our best abilities.)

We Crave For More Babies

Being brought up as a single child has made me bummed about it, so as an only child, I would prefer not to become a parent to an only child. We want to give our children all those things which we didn’t get. (Note: We want to have a big family of ours, “we carry so much love in our hearts.”)

We Love To Express Love

We are not considered shy people. We love with a big heart and deep commitment. We don’t have difficulty expressing our affection and warmth, as we have been doing so towards our parents since childhood. Every single day, we show how much we love them. (Note: We are the most romantic people on earth.)

Compromise What’s That?

I know that’s not a trait to be proud of, but I know all single children are trying their best to learn to compromise. We aren’t used to it since childhood, whether it’s the last chocolate in the fridge or getting your favorite toy, it’s always us. We had no one to share our things. (Note: We are impulsive but remember, we are fierce lovers.)

We Suck In Sharing

We are not good at sharing, and it becomes a big deal when we need to share our possessions and space. (Note: We are possessive lovers, but yes, we understand the thin line between insecurity and possessiveness.)

We may be a little loony at times, but we are interesting people who like to care and love with all our hearts, and we mean it. So, love us a little more because we are worth it. Promise 🙂

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