Does Self Tanner Stain Hair?

Many people rely on self-tanner as an option for getting that bronze, tanned appearance they love. It’s a safer option than sitting out in the sun to get tanned due to the absence of harmful UV rays that can cause sunspots and, in the worst-case scenario, skin cancer. Of course, there is the risk of getting the tanner in your hair, which is an annoying problem. Fortunately, there are ways you can remove it from your tresses.

Does Self-Tanner Stain Hair?

Unfortunately, even if you think you’re very careful, you can still get self tanner in your hair. This is due to an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA, which can cause staining. If it absorbs in your hair, it can cause your locks to become darker, which is more of a problem if your hair is not naturally dark. This occurs when you choose a tanning product that is bronze in color. However, you have the option of using a tanner that is clear, which will not lead to staining in your hair.

How to Avoid Getting it in Your Hair

The best way to deal with self-tanner is to avoid getting it in your hair in the first place. There are three ways you can prevent this issue. You can try one, a few or even all of these tips to avoid staining of your hair. They include the following:

Tie back your hair: Put your hair back and up in a bun while your hands are clean and dry before you apply the tanner. Make sure every strand is in the bun and that there are no loose strands hanging.Use conditioner or moisturizer: Apply a thin layer of one of these products around your hairline.Use a shower cap: Cover your hair with a shower cap and make sure to pull it around the front of your hairline.

These steps can prevent self tanner from getting into your hair and staining it.

Steps to Get Self-Tanner Out of Your Hair

If you use self tanner and accidentally get some of the substance in your hair, there are ways you can remove it. All of these tips can be done safely and easily at home. They include the following:

Fake tan remover: You can get a fake tan remover and use it on your hair to eliminate staining. Use a small bit on a small amount of hair to avoid drying.Wash your hair: Washing your hair should effectively eliminate tanner from your locks. Be careful and avoid doing this for at least eight hours after you’ve applied the tanner to your skin. You should use warm water with shampoo and add conditioner afterward to moisturize your hair.Olive oil: You can also heat virgin olive oil and add it to your hair as a rinse, Make sure to only make it lukewarm to avoid bringing your scalp and hair. Let it soak and wash it out.Color neutralizer: Use a chlorine-based color neutralizer to eliminate tanner stains from blond hair. Go slowly and do only a few strands at once.Lemon: Use fresh lemon juice on a cleaning pad and pat it into your hair where it’s stained from tanner. Leave it in several minutes and then rinse your hair. Even if it doesn’t immediately remove the stain, over time, the stain will fade.Bicarb: Make a bicarb paste with water and apply it to your hair in patches. Leave it in for several minutes and then wash it out.Toothpaste: You can even apply toothpaste to the stained strands of hair. Let it sit for several minutes and rinse it off.

How Long Does it Take for Tanner to Stain Hair?

Self tanner can stain your hair nearly immediately. However, the above methods can help you to eliminate it from your tresses. Even if you only shampoo you hair, it can take a few times before it’s completely gone.

Be especially careful when you use self-tanner. Your skin will look great and so will your hair.

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