5 Conscious Dating Tips to Change the Way You Date

Dating Tips to Change the Way You Date

If you’ve never heard the term conscious dating before, let me explain—at its core, being conscious is about being aware, awake, and mindful. Unfortunately, when it comes dating, so many singles can be unaware, asleep, and thoughtless. If you’d like to learn from my mistakes and successes, and find a lasting love that you not only want, but deserve, here are five ways you can date more consciously:

1.  Know Your Non-Negotiables

The key to a great relationship starts with clarity. That’s why knowing your non-negotiables is so important. Non-negotiables are basically your dating deal-breakers, but they’re not surface-level things like, “He’s too tall,” or “She can’t be older than 30.” Rather, they’re core values such as, “He makes me a priority,” or “She’s family-oriented. [also read: 7 Surprising Health Benefit of Fruit & Vegetable]

And because they’re core values, not just traits or standards, they have to be met in any romantic relationship you enter into or that relationship will fail every time. If even one of your non-negotiables isn’t met, chances are your relationship won’t work in the long term. Why? Because you would be settling and missing something important that you require in that relationship to make you happy and secure. They’re just that powerful.

But the great thing about non-negotiables is that once you’re armed with your list (most people have about 10–15 non-negotiables), you gain so much confidence when it comes to assessing possible partners. You’ll have the ability to screen prospective dates, and know that you’re making the right decision for both of you to move forward or back off. As a result, you’ll be more intentional about your dating and stop second guessing your choices. [Also read: 7 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You.]

2.  Communicate Your Non-negotiables at the Right Time

In the early stages of dating, the last thing you want to do is rattle off a long list of your non-negotiables and make your date uncomfortable. (A date shouldn’t feel like an interrogation.) Instead, it should be a time that you connect in a deeper way with your date.  [Also read: 8 Reasons Regular Guys Should Learn To Cook]

Focus on the art of conversation. It should be free flowing, casual, and fun. Then sprinkle in some questions about your non-negotiables. Ask open-ended questions, hear their thoughts, and share some of yours. The key is to find out if your non-negotiables match with theirs. I usually recommend discussing about one or two of them each time you meet.

3.  Be Your Best Self, Not Just Yourself

Have you ever received dating advice from someone where they told you to just be yourself? (UGH!) Sorry, I don’t believe this advice. In fact, I would argue more people are single because they decide to just be themselves instead of being their best selves. For over a decade, I was “being myself” and you know what it got me? A truckload of dating misery.

No, the best advice this relationship coach and woman-of-a-certain-age can give you is to be your best self. That means starting today, you should look in the mirror and say whatever you’re doing when it comes to dating may not be working because being yourself is just not cutting it.

So how do you become your best self? You need to do the work, study and learn important relationship skills, and look deep into your soul to find the drive to change things for the better. That’s what conscious dating is all about.

Let’s be clear—If you honestly look at yourself in this way, you may not always like what you see. But, I promise you, when you come out on the other side you won’t be disappointed.

4.  Avoid the Blame Game.

I want to start this point, by asking you to think of three reasons why you’re single. Ready, go! Ok, let me guess. You came up with things like men/women are jerks, all the good ones are taken, or I’m too… (insert old, overweight, shy, etc.)? Whatever reasons you came up with, I’m here to tell you that when you’re consciously dating, you take ownership of who you are and the world you’re in.

Being conscious means you don’t blame the situation. Instead, you accept that you’re not perfect and you’re accountable for the fact that you may not know everything there is to know about dating and relationships. The moment you stop blaming others for your place in life, more good opportunities will come your way. It’s truly liberating.

5.  Lean into Discomfort.

Before I met my husband (on a dating site, by the way) I had a fairly limited idea of the type of man I should date. He had to be at least six feet tall, a max of four years older than me, have a good job, a degree, no drama, amazing chemistry, and oh yeah… be really fun.

It was a fairly solid list but, looking back, being so specific made me choose some bad candidates and lose some quality ones too. Then, after a bad breakup, I began to expand my search criteria by letting in many more types of men that didn’t fit the idea I had in my head of who I’d be good with. If I was going to find love it was the values of the man that mattered most, not the five to seven extra inches in height or the 10 to 20 extra pounds. Dating Tips to Change the Way You Date

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