Top 10 Qualities A Good Wife Must Have

A woman plays many roles in her life. She is a daughter, a wife and a mother. Every woman obviously wants to be a good daughter, a good wife and a good mother too. She has to give lots of love in order to be all these ‘goods’. But just love is not enough to be a good wife. Some skills and qualities are required to be a good wife and of course for a healthy marriage. My advice to all the housewives is to be a good wife and then expect your man to be a good husband! Also it’s easy to be in unconditional love in the earlier stages of a relationship but to continue your relationship with the same spark in the later years you need to do a lot of things. I dedicate this article to all the married women out there! Here are the qualities that a good wife must have.

10. Quit Nagging

There is a proverb that a nagging wife annoys like a constant dripping. I absolutely agree with that. Who doesn’t get annoyed by nagging? Nagging and complaining constantly may create an unwanted rift in your relationship. It can also become a vicious cycle forcing him to avoid you. This will definitely complicate the things between you and make them worse. How do you expect him to like you if he feels personally attacked by your nagging? Nagging doesn’t work, so just quit it. Ask him nicely and I bet that he’ll definitely consider what you are saying. Remember that a good wife doesn’t nag!

9. Look good, Charm him

Most women believe that it doesn’t matter how they look after marriage. But the truth is it definitely does matter. Married women tend to gain weight, become fat and lose their shape. Ladies, you have to take care that you look attractive even after marriage or else men can find their own way! So it is necessarily important that you captivate all his attention only on you. This will definitely keep him from cheating you. Husbands really love good looking wives. They will do anything to please them!

8. Be Unpredictable, Surprise him often

Even though there is an issue as to whether being unpredictable is a good thing in marriage or not, according to me it just spices up the relationship. Relationships get boring if they are too predictable. You just have to take care that the unpredictable things you do are not disturbing! Surprising your husband with thoughtful gifts every now and then, special candle light dinners or even special romantic nights with you playing the seductress will help you grab his attention! Even small surprises like making his favourite snack or dish once in a while will do. You can also come up with some creative ways of surprising him. The central idea is to give him the thrill of surprise and remember that men like surprises too!

7. Organize the house, be a good maid

Keep your house clean and organized. The healthy atmosphere you create in your home will lift his mood. Come up with innovative ideas to make your home a peaceful place for him. Don’t ever feel burdened doing all the chores. It’s not a bad idea after all. Make him dependent on you by doing all his chores. He’ll surely miss you and think about you when you are not around! Let’s be reminded of a quote in this context “A wife is a friend first, a lover second, and third and probably most important, a maid.”

6. All the positive qualities

A good wife is pleasant and she is not rude. To be a good wife you must be warm, kind, affectionate, caring, understanding, positive, obedient and friendly. You should also be responsible, reliable and give him confidence to do anything. All these qualities will make your husband comfortable around you. When your husband returns home after a hard day at work a warm welcoming smile will make his day! You have to possess all these positive qualities. You have to be loyal and support him both in his success and failure. You should be at his side especially in times of hardship. Most important of all respect your husband and you’ll definitely get back his respect!

5. A Guy needs his Space

You must accept that your husband has a life other than you. There are other people too in his life like his family, friends and workmates. He also has his hobbies, interests and passions too. Don’t stop him from having this other life. Give him his space. Let him do whatever he wants to and this will make him love you more. One straight point is that an interfering wife is so irritating. Don’t interfere, don’t irritate and he’ll love you back!

4. Sexual Intimacy is important too

If a guy is not met with his sexual needs it can be reflected in his mood. If your husband is frustrated often the reason might be that his sexual desire is not being fulfilled. One of the reasons why most marriages fail is because of lack of exciting sexual relationship! According to a research the reason why most men cheat is mostly physical whereas for women it is emotional! Make your husband happy in bed. The best way to satisfy your husband is to think in his shoes and give him what he needs.

3. Don’t hide your love

As you may know hiding your love is of no use. Don’t withhold your love. Express it to him. He’ll definitely appreciate that. Join in his activities and spend as much time as is possible with him. Complement and praise him very often. Small gestures are enough to show your love. Remember the special days in his life, celebrate every small occasion in a simple manner that he will enjoy and get unique gifts for him as a token of your love. Bring joy to him with these small but unique ideas and he’ll never forget the special moments and memories you create.

2. Be open with your feelings

A guy will trust you only if you open up to him. Be honest with your husband. Trust him with everything. Don’t keep any secrets from him. You can earn his trust this way. Relationships succeed only if there is mutual trust! Make it compulsory to talk to him daily about how his day was spent. Listen to what he says patiently and understand his feelings. Remain calm if any difficult discussion arises and try to sort it out. Assure him that you are there for him. Good communication will strengthen your bond!

1. Compatibility

There are many personality traits that attract you and your husband to each other making you both compatible with each other but they may not hold up over time. And if this dissimilarity arises you can’t suddenly call yourselves incompatible. You should understand that compatibility isn’t something you have but instead it’s something you make. A good wife takes care that she doesn’t grow apart from her husband. She makes herself compatible with her husband. You must be wondering how this can be achieved. The answer is simple, by improving your relationship skills you can get along better with your husband. This includes making compromises and solving your conflicts. You have to tolerate the burden of being bored and dissatisfied. Remember these lines “A perfect wife is one who doesn’t expect a perfect husband”. Create compatibility and eventually you will become soul mates!

You may be having doubts whether this will work out or not but trust me, these things that you do for him will not go unnoticed. In fact these will increase his love for you and even inspire him to do things for you. Also most of the things mentioned in this article are not just mere ideas of a writer. They are the opinions of many experts brought to you in a presentable manner that you can understand!

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