2 BEST SECRET Ways To Get Her Phone Number.

So you approached a girl, she seems into it and now you’ve to go for the number but you start to get nervous because you don’t know the best way to ask.

Should you just be straight forward about it or should you try to make her laugh.

I mean what’s the best way to go for it, that makes her more likely to say YES.

#1 : Never Ask For Her Number, -Just Tell Her

Now most guys Ask For the number which is totally wrong. For Example: ”Can I Have Your Phone Number ?

This is a big mistake. This is wrong because it shows you’re not sure if she likes you .

You’re also giving her a choice to think about whether she should accept your request or not.

It also shows you’re not sure if she wants to give you her phone number, because you’re asking instead of you ASSUMING that she already likes you and will give you her number.

You’re the prize. Remember that.

Alright, So what should you do instead of asking for permission ?

Just Tell Her To Give it To You

Show confidence and rephrase it like a command.

For e.g :

Guy : (give her your phone) and say Here, put your number in my phone”

Girl : Okay, ofcourse.

That’s it men. It’s really that simple.

#2 : Text Self Method :

Now this is whereby you collect her cell phone and send a text message from her phone to your number immediately.

For Example ;

I’ll telll her something like this : ” You seem pretty cool I’ll give you my number, let me see your phone “.

Once I’m with her phone, I’ll go to the text message section and send a text to my number.

Let’s say her name Cynthia.

From Her phone I’ll text. ; Hey Chris, you’re so HOT–Cynthia

Next, after we’ve part ways. I’ll just wait a few minutes and text her back and say something like ;

“aww thanks you’re so sweet”

Try this out, it’s fun, cool and flirty.

And the best part is, she may not refuse or object , when you want to Give Her Your Number Instead.

That’s because she doesn’t know you’re by sending yourself a text message with her phone. She just thinks you’re harmlessly saving your number in her phone.

That’s it guys. But remember DON’T ASK FOR PERMISSION. Because asking for permission for her phone number shows uncertainty and you must assume that she likes you.

Now that you have her number…. you need to take it to the next level and know how to escalate.

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