[SECRET REVEALED ] Why Nice Guys NEVER Get Laid.

When I start the coaching session with my clients, the biggest misconception they have is that women are attracted to nice guys:

*The guys who are being nice to them.

*The guys who value their plans and never cancel on her last minute.

*The guys who pay for their dinners or expensive presents…

*The guys who try to make them laugh, but they never say anything uncouth because they don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable..


Because they see it in movies all the time.

Now, let me tell you one thing.


The fact that a hot girl ends up with a nice guy in movie doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with reality.

In the REAL world, just the opposite happens.

Hot girls NEVER sleep with nice guys.

Here’s why HOT girls NEVER sleep with *nice guys*..

1. Nice guys refuse to see girls for who they REALLY are.

The second you think a girl has zero flaws, you need to pause, take a second and ask a friend to name some.

He’ll name like 5 right way.

Just because you think the girl is perfect, it doesn’t mean that she has no flaws.

It only means that you’re letting her looks influence your perception of a girl.

Never let woman’s looks change the way you see her. Of course she’s hot, but what’s something that makes her better for you than all the other millions of gorgeous women out there.

Listen: The Harvard Psychology research, years of experience and success of my students shows this:

*** Women feel attraction for guys who are cocky.

*** Women feel attraction for guys who bust on them constantly.

*** Women feel attraction for guys who make the girl prove herself to him over and over.

*** Women feel attraction for guys who are a challenge for them.

*** Women feel attraction for guys who are sources of good emotion.

Do nice guys satisfy ANY of these criteria?

No, they don’t.

They are weak, non-challenging, sometimes funny, but generally Beta-Males.

If they wanted to get the girls…

If those nice guys actually cared about women, they’d be slightly cocky, they’d be playful, they’d bust on her all the time and they’d never give her what she wants without making her work for it.

2. Nice guys constantly sacrifice their own values for the hot girls because they think that’s what it takes to sleep with a girl.

But the only thing that sacrificing your own values does is it makes you weak,

Not a High Status, cocky dude who turns her on.

If you’re sacrificing your values for her, you’re probably sacrificing your values for other people too..

3. Another reason why nice guys never get a chance to sleep with the girls they want.

The girl looks at the nice guy, thinking:

“Do you even see me for real? Or are you see a perfect, flawless goddess?”

And it actually makes perfect sense:

If you see her as she’s perfect, how the fvck are you going to Bleep the shit out of her like a man?

You’d be too gentle, too nice and never make her cum…

If you see her as perfect, you’d never pull her hair, smack her ass and slam her down…

No one will ever tell you this, but all the women want to be treated as submissive little sluts when they’re in in bed with a guy.

Just remember why millions of women worldwide went crazy for 50 Shades Of Grey when it came out…

Well, with a nice guy, they’d never have a chance to life through those dirty, sexual fantasies with…


Nice guys are never their TRUE selves with girls because they’re trying to win girl’s approval.

And she’s never gonna give you ANY.

Even though she wants you to kiss her, she’s never gonna say it out loud.

Even though she wants you to bust her and tease her all the time, she’s never gonna say it.

So, stop looking for fvcking approval from women.

You’re a High-Status man.

And it’s my goal to make sure every of students becomes the HIGHEST-STATUS version of himself.


If you’re new in here and want to really solidify your BADASS NATURE now, here’s a good exercise you can do:

1. Take out your journal.

2. Write how sad your life is when you’re being a nice guy. Describe the fat and ugly girls that you’re getting. Really make sure it sounds desperate and miserable.

3. Read it, laugh at yourself for like 2 minutes, cross it out and decide it’s over.

4. Do some state-anchoring movements in that dominant state you’ll be feeling for 30-60 seconds, then get back to dominating on your path.

I know Boss. It’s fvcking awesome.

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