How to Tell if Your Partner is Cyber Cheating

Infidelity is interpreted differently by different people. And if you consider online unfaithfulness as cheating, here we show you the signs to look out for.

Psychology Today describes cheating as breaking your promise to remain faithful to your partner. The promise can come in the form of marriage vows, or verbal agreements between two people.

But are cyber relationships considered as cheating? Author and s*x therapist Ross Rosenburg affirm that indeed online infidelity has the same effect that physical infidelity has on a relationship, this is because, “Cheating is when you are verbally, emotionally or physically intimate with somebody other than your spouse or partner.”

According to relationship experts, some couples don’t consider online relationships as cheating because they require less work and less interaction. Basically the ‘relationship’ is based on nothing but fantasy. But, what couples don’t bear in mind is that this could lead to an emotional connection that may be hard to get rid of should you want to end the ‘relationship.’

Here are 5 signs to look out for if you suspect your partner is having an online affair:

The sharing stops

When an online interaction between two people is harmless and innocent, chances are, your partner won’t mind sharing tales about a person they’ve connected with on the internet. Once there are feelings developed, you’ll see a change in behavior, he will stop talking about the ‘online friend’ as he now feels it’s inappropriate.

A constant change of passwords

If passwords have never been a big deal in your relationship, consider it a red flag when all of a sudden, your partner constantly changes his password and refuses to tell you what it is.

Hiding their phones

Most of us are somewhat addicted to our phones that we take them everywhere. But, if your partner can’t afford to let his phone out of sight even for five seconds, there could be something he’s hiding.

A cleaned out inbox

We all run such busy lives that cleaning out your inbox, be it on social media or emails, is a no big deal But, surely there’s something he’s hiding if all his inboxes are clean.

He is defensive

A small comment like ‘you spend a lot of time on your phone’ shouldn’t be offensive to anyone if what he’s doing is harmless. If he tries denying this, it could be due to guilt.

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