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With the current trend, it’s self-explanatory content marketing is the way to go. Banner advertising and trying to get customers through Google Adwords may get you customers, but it has been proven beyond doubt that Content Marketing has more lasting benefits.

What kind of sponsored posts do we accept?

Generally, a sponsored post can be any of the following:

  • Press release
  • Advertorial
  • Video content
  • Article
  • Interview

This kind of post is usually written to promote you or your business. However, we do prefer posts that naturally flow with the site’s general content.

Duration & Bonuses

Every sponsored article will remain live on the site as long as this website exists. The duration is indefinite! Again, we will share your post on our social media channels, and our messenger subscribers, too, will get to read your article. You’re exposing your article to our:

  • over 11,000 Instagram followers
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We will also try as much as possible to optimize your post for search engines as well.

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